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The Future of Dubai

The Future of Dubai

Every one visits Dubai, always try to imaging what will be the future of Dubai. Dubai which was once a pearl voyaging desert settlement famous for its trading perks- is now a vibrant maze of concrete, glass and innovative ideas. It has a future that could turn out brighter than a sunny day. With developments around every corner, Dubai is a Guinness book in itself with many of the world’s number ones in its pages. Most of the ventures are projected to be completed before 2020, the year of The Expo, a huge stepping stone for Dubai. The optimism and enthusiasm of this city towards is development could benefit many of the developing countries if they put the same effort. Enough of praise, let’s look at the projected developments that will truly make Dubai a city of the future.

1. Mohammed Bin Rashid City

Easily known as MBR, this city will be the home of yet another superlative in Dubai, the world’s largest shopping mall, ‘Mall of the World’. MBR’s main target audience is families as the park will be equipped with a family centre in collaboration with the Universal Studios, a park and art galleries. Apart from that it will also have a dedicated part for innovation and business ventures.

2. Aladdin city

Might as well dress up like Aladdin or Jasmine to encourage the main inspiration – the tales of Sindbad and Aladdin- for this project which is implemented by the Dubai Municipality. The towers will resemble that of a genie lamp and will have air conditioned bridges connecting the three towers.

3. Taj Arabia, Mughal Gardens

Replicating the spectacle of India, the Taj Mahal will be an element of the Mughal Gardens. Planned to be a structure made completely out of glass, it will house 350 rooms and serviced apartments. It will be located in Dubailand Falcon City of Wonders.

4. Dubai Adventure Studios

With the vision of providing unique entertainment and leisure experiences, this development will be divided into five theme parks based on animals, characters that are loved by all ages and movies.

5. The Dubai Water Canal

Adding six kilometers to the city’s waterfront, it will be made up of shopping and entertainment facilities, an innovative-looking bridge, four top-notch hotels, a multitude of restaurants and luxurious marinas. The Dubai Water Canal will link the Arabian Gulf to the Business bay.

6. Bluewaters Island

Are you ready to hop aboard the Dubai eye? Then, make your way to this 6 billion AED worth island that is projected to be a major Dubai attraction. The Dubai eye will be the largest Ferris wheel, another record up Dubai’s sleeve It will offer visitors with retail, entertainment and leisure opportunities.

7. Dubai Frame

You could say that a giant really loved the view of old Dubai and new Dubai meeting, so he placed his frame over there. Wishful thinking! The Dubai frame is a project initiated to allow breathtaking views of the structures of Dubai’s past transitioning to its modified versions. It is estimated to be 150 meters high and 93 meters wide and will be located near Zabeel Park.

That’s not all, there are more remarkable attractions lining up in Dubai’s portfolio. We’ll just have to wait and watch what surprise Dubai throws at us. With all of these developments it is pretty obvious that more visitors will be flocking to Dubai increasing the economy of the city. Don’t you think Dubai’s future is bright as the light beam in Dubai Fountain? For more information you could get our free ‘Travel Guide to the United Arab Emirates’.

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