Things to do in Hatta

Let us start by talking about the free things to try out in Hatta when you visit Hatta either for a weekend trip or for sightseeing on your holiday. The places to visit in hatta and the things to do are listed below

25 Best Things To Do In Hatta

Free things to do in Hatta


Take a hike

Hatta is located among the Hajar Mountains, there are many majestic peaks and troughs that are perfect for hiking at Hatta. You can enjoy the stunning view at the lower region of the mountains just by walking along the twisting channels. The place is well known for it changed territory from the sandy patches to the sharp shake. There are mind-blowing vantage points in Hatta where you will get to enjoy the scenic view of the landscape and also to see some stunning wildlife. You can also go hiking near the Hatta Dam and this is among the largest and stunning water bodies in Hatta.

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Hatta Sightseeing

Gо ѕіghtѕееіng

Thе landscapes of Hatta possess great nаturаl bеаutу. The rіdе tо Hаttа іѕ trulу ѕtunnіng. Aррrесіаtе the changing ѕсеnеѕ from thе dеѕеrt to the mоuntаіn оn уоur wау into Hаttа. Investigate thе quiet turԛuоіѕе wаtеrѕ оf Hаttа Dаm, set аgаіnѕt thе unрlеаѕаnt ѕlаѕhеd mоuntаіnѕ. Walk thrоugh thе tеrrаіn and soak in the ruggеd untаmеd beauty оf thе ѕurrоundіngѕ. Explore Hatta Heritage Village.

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Heritage Village

Explore Hatta Heritage Village

You can go sightseeing at Hatta Heritage Village which is a restored museum that displays the time and life of historic times. You will get to learn more about Dubai’s heritage from folklore to food here. The village homes 30 structures which include houses and cottages that are recreated as they were some years ago. It also houses records and relics of the former period. You can explore the village and you will also get to see a fortification, two watchtowers, and a mosque from the past.

Hatta heritage village timings: From Saturday to Thursday: 7:30 to 20:30, and Fridays: 14:30 to 20:30. Ramadan timings: From Saturday to Thursday: 9:00 to 16:30, and it is closed on Friday

Hatta Heritage Village Location Map :

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Hatta Honey Festival

The Honey Festival

After the tremendous success of the first edition earlier this year, there is going to be a second one which will run from December 27-31. 50 honey producers will be present both from overseas and the UAE as they will showcase 12 variations on the sweet stuff. You should visit the Heritage Village as there is a honey farm in Hatta with a local producer having a number of beehives. The farm is not open to the public but you can still buy the honey from the shop in Hatta.

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Visit Hatta Dam

Visit Hatta Dam (Hatta Green Lake)

The Hatta dam is just a quick drive from the Hatta Fort Hotel and the famous tourist attraction the Hatta Heritage Village, the dam (hatta water dam) is a serene respite from the buzzing and bubbling city of Dubai. The dam features a magnificent turquoise water which is surrounded by mountains and you will get a different scenery to the desert sands that you will pass on your way to this Dam. You can just drive along the dam; you will then hike to the picturesque spots where you will admire the natural beauty of the mountainous area. You can now book and have fun kayaking as you will see the region from the water while you also burn some calories.

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Hatta Hill Park

Visit Hatta Hill Park

The park is located in the Dubai’s mountain town of Hatta and it is close to the heritage village. The park was built in 2004 and it was developed by Dubai Municipality as they add some greenery and entertainments for the people living in the area. This park is situated over a mountain with 63,915sqkm landmass and this is a famous spot for barbecues and picnics. There is also children’s playing field which features running tracks and sports fields. You will find a tower at the peak of the mountain where you can climb up so as to get a stunning bird’s eye view of the mind-blowing Hajar Mountain range and the village. Hatta hill park entrance fee is free of charge.

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Hatta Rock Pools

Hatta Rock Pools

Unfortunately, you cannot visit the location again as it looks like the closure of this attraction is permanent. It was closed from the UAE side and pools are in Oman technically. Hatta rock pools tour was very popular back in the days and various tour operators operated it.

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Things to do in Hatta that you need to pay

Kayaking in Hatta Lake

Kayaking in Hatta Lake

Kayaking through the huge Hatta Lake is a lifetime experience which will linger on for a long time. You can rent kayaks for a ride through the clear waters of this turquoise-hued lake. You will get to see exotic fish and also sight birds as you enjoy this soothing ride. Hatta kayak price is 60 AED for a single kayak and 150 AED for a double kayak. Hatta kayak location is easily accessible from the city as you can just use the Google map to get here. Hatta kayak reviews are fabulous and the hatta kayak timing is 7 am to 6 pm daily.

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Go mountain biking

Go Mountain Biking

This is the best way to experience the scenic pathways of the farmlands, hills, and wadis. There is an initiative that was set up by Dubai Municipality called Hatta Mountain Bike Trail Center and this offer different trails for beginners to advanced level riders. There are easy and also difficult trails that you can explore and you can choose any trail based on your physical ability and your endurance.

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Meet the local Emiratis & cultural meals

Meet the local Emiratis & cultural meals

You should try out UAE’s cultural meals as there are many restaurants that provide real homemade Emirati food. You can even be a chance to meet the locals here. The Emirati people are lovely people and they will be more than excited to me or talk with tourists.

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XDubai Spartan Race Hatta

XDubai Spartan Race Hatta

This is presented by Dubai Holding and sequel of this epic race is coming to Hatta. In this race, you are going to run through mud and water, climb hills and mountains, crawling under barbed wire and then jump fire, this race is going to give you an adrenaline rush. You can choose between the Super 13+ km and the spring 5+ km.

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Turn & Burn Hatta MTB XC Time Trial

Turn & Burn Hatta MTB XC Time Trial

The Hatta MTB Centre consists of more than 50km of trails which are constantly growing. These trails are divided into numerous grades of routes so as to accommodate all level and experience of a rider. The GREEN is for the beginners, the BLUE is for intermediate, the RED is for the experienced and then the BLACK is for the seasoned riders.

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Hatta dam activities

Hatta dam activities

Kayaking is not the only activity that you can do in hatta dam, there are many other amazing things that you can do with your loved ones. Here are some of the activities that you can also try out and you can pick your favorites amongst them. Hatta dam boating is a famous activity that you can also try out.

  • Hatta Yellow boats Dubai
  • Hatta water Bikes
  • Hatta Donut boat Dubai
  • Hatta Pedal Boat Dubai
  • Hatta Tour Boat Dubai
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Where to stay in Hatta

Frequently asked questions

1. What are the hatta dam timings?

Hatta Dam is open to tourist all the time and the water activities take place in hatta dam Daily between 7 am- 6 pm.

2. How about the hatta dam weather?

The climate of Hatta is cooler than in the central Dubai, so you can take a light jacket along. You should make sure you have the right equipment, safety gear, and emergency supplies if you plan on taking part in any outdoor activities. You should also ensure you have a GPS tracker, a working mobile phone, battery pack if you want to go mountain biking. You should also know that mobile phone coverage is not strong in some place on the mountain.

3. Is it possible to do Hatta dam camping?

This is forbidden and no food is allowed while you are doing any water sports at the hatta dam.

4. How many hours it will take from Dubai to hatta dam?

The distance is between 125-130km from Dubai and this will take between 90-100 minutes to get there.

5. What’s the hatta dam location map?

For the exact map of the Hatta Dam, you can please click here

6. Is hatta rock pools closed?

yes, it is. The information about the tours and the visitor information are not updated on the internet, so it is better not to go there. It is closed basically on from the UAE side and the pools are in Oman technically.

7. Do we have to pay Hatta heritage village ticket?

The entry fee for Hatta heritage village is free of charge.

8. Is there any shortcut from Dubai to hatta?

No, it is basically a straight road and it is approximately 125km from Central Dubai to Hatta city.

9. What is a hatta green lake?

This is a name that Hatta dam was usually called.

10. Any hatta kayak offers available on any site?

There are none for Hatta kayak. The pricing of Hatta kaya is cheaper than any other kayaking experience that is available in UAE. Also, the rental will not charge you according to time, this means you can just rent the kayak boat and enjoy it as long as you want.