Ultimate things to do in Abu Dhabi (2017 Updated)

What if on this vacation you travel to Abu Dhabi? We know, most of you Have NO IDEA about this city!
That’s why, we thought of writing all about Abu Dhabi which will useful for a better holiday!

By the way, what is Abu Dhabi?

It is the capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE) and adjacent city to world famous Dubai. Thanks to treasure of oil reservoirs this city reached to the level where it is today. Class hotel hospitality, Icons of world records, Culture of interesting locals and Abu Dhabi things to do differentiate it from any other cities. Dubai was a tourist hub. Is tourist hub & will be tourist hub Then,


Let’s have a look, To Know and Go!

Abu Dhabi to Dubai distance is just 2 hours’ drive. Comparatively, Abu Dhabi has lesser traffic volume and crowd that not let you wait on roads longer.

Most importantly, the attractions of Abu Dhabi exceed the world records and stands as an amazing tourist destination day by day.

It is Abu Dhabi tourism and cultural authority, the key player who encourages the activity providers and facilitates it in every ways.

What to do in Abu Dhabi on day time, what to do at night time in Abu Dhabi and What are the places in Abu Dhabi you can visit for free?

Well, will go through one by one what’s interesting in HERE ….

1) Bye bye Holiday Packages

A holiday in Abu Dhabi is unlike a packaged holiday, you are so free to independently choose everything Stay wise, Tours and activities wise.
The tourists can book their instinct hotels as they wish, selecting which tours and activities they can try out.
As there is no fixed program for the whole holiday, lavish all the splendid activities as you want with many tour providers according to plan of your own.
Stopover passengers, Short stay tourists also has list of Things to do in Abu Dhabi with in short time

2) Variety of Things to Do in Abu Dhabi

For the millions of migrates, the first glimpse of Abu Dhabi is Desert. Desert safaris, Camping and Dune drives are no: 1 thrilling adventure.
The Next most famous is Sheikh Sayed Grand Mosque which is a real tribute to the Islamic culture and art.
May be your interest is not these… See the list of tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi and find what suits for you!

Explore Natural Beauty

If you are a nature lover, a person who loves to admire the environment, here is the list to pick some tours for you.

Eastern Mangrove Kayaking

Eastern mangrove Abu Dhabi is the largest dense mangrove cover in UAE.
If tides permit, during the eastern mangrove kayaking tour you’ll be lucky to explore the greenery inside the mangrove by riding towards the inner plantation and spot aquatic species.

Also, kayak ride will allow you to enjoy the views of skyline and beautiful sunset if you go for the tour during evening time.
Usually, renting a Kayak for 2 hours will cost you 160 AED. Throughout the year this is one of the most popular watersport.

Mangrove boat ride

This cruise ride allows you to explore the Mangrove ambience on a Dhow boat.
If you are a 6-8 participants group then this tour suits you, because the dhow can accommodate up to 8 guests only.
Usually, the charges will be applied per boat per hour 400 AED

Eco Donut tour

Leisurely, you can drive the Eco Donut boat siting around. Couples and group of guests up to 6 can sit in one boat, floating along the mangrove creek enjoying the views.
Usually, the charges for Eco boat is per hour around 400 AED

Al Wathba Wetland tour

An interesting place to explore the fragile area of Abu Dhabi which has ecological importance. You will be walking inside the wetland to discover the indigenous birds, wild life and aquatic species.
If you are going to Al Wathba wetland alone, you can see wild life center inside the reservation area and Wetland Park.
If you take this tour along with a local guide who is knowledgeable will be cost 350 per person per 4 hours walking tour.

Relaxation and Sightseeing

You can get away from tiresome life, with some relaxing and sightseeing places among the things to do in Abu Dhabi.
Find, your relaxation both in Night and day time from the below:

Yas Water world

This is a theme water park located in Yas Island, one of the largest water parks in the world. There are more than 45 attraction rides are available for kids, teens and adults in this water adventure park.
You can purchase Ferrari Entry Ticket between 250 AED -450 AED price depends on the package you select. It is open 10 AM -7 PM.

Ferrari world

Ferrari world is an amusement park themed with the Ferrari brand. The world fastest roller coaster, biggest framed structure and the types of rides make it special among the other parks.
Your kids will definitely like the thrilling rides, shows and training activities.
Occasionally, the entrance to Ferrari world Abu Dhabi is free but almost all the time you need to have a ticket for the entrance, doesn’t matter you go for the rides or not
Entry Ticket rate are sold around 250 AED -290 AED per person. 11 AM to 8 PM it’s open for public.

Musrif Park

This is a recreation park with a tranquil landscape dedicated for local residence as well as the foreigners.
Umm Al Emarat Park (denoted the same) is designed to value the environment with stretches of Palm trees and greenery.
You can sit in this place alone, with your family and friends. The entrance fee to the park is 5 AED.

Al Batheen Beach

Al Batheen Beach is an ideal spot that you can relax in the evening till late night.
You can buy some tea and snacks from food vans nearby.
Many locals of UAE come with their families and spend time here at night
If you take your folding chairs, you can sit and enjoy the views, look at the sky and have chit chat with your companions too.

Corniche Abu Dhabi

A beach area comprises with Walkways, Cycle lanes, Recreational and children play area.
The coastal line of this beach lies along 8km stretch. Absolutely, this place is well maintained as a clean beachside
All are free to enjoy boat rides, games on this beach where standby life guards’ squad is there to make sure your safety.

Saadiyat beach

Saadiyat beach

The first ever beach opened for Public in Saadiyat Island is Saadiyat beach. This coastal line spreads 9km long.

As a consequence of upcoming development in this island with number of Museums, clubs, resorts and environmentally protected Landscapes, it is assumed to be attracted by many visitors.

This beach has an entrance fee of 25 AED per Adult .

Dhow cruise

Dhow cruise

This is one of the popular and cheap sightseeing options. Dhow cruise tours during the morning time are such as:

Sightseeing cruise tours are happening at day time and usually it is an hour’s ride along the marina creek of Abu Dhabi for you to capture the city ambiences passing Emirates palace, Marina creek, Etihad tower and Lulu Island.
You can enjoy Dhow cruise ride for 90 AED, daily this tour will be conducted 10.30 am, 11.30 am, 3.30 pm and 4.30pm.
Lunch Cruise in Abu Dhabi is another 1 hour’s ride where you can enjoy the same includes with buffet lunch. The rates are around 125 AED per person. Starting time is around 1.30 pm

Dinner Dhow in Abu Dhabi captures the night views of the city during 2 hours excursion. Buffet dinner will be served on board. Starting time 8.00 pm. A good dhow dinner cruise worth around 185 AED

Note: The weather predictions and advice of coast guards are crucial factors in operating Dhow cruise

Catamaran rides

There are 2 types of Catamaran tours in the Abu Dhabi things to do.

1) Catamaran Sunset sailing : 2 hours

2) Catamaran Weekend fun : 4 hours tour with 2 hours sailing 2 hours fun with swing, snorkeling and relaxing on island

Speed boat rides

Speed boat sightseeing ride is another enjoy able activity that you can try in Abu Dhabi to witness the views of skyscrapers and fast boat ride
It is approximately 1 hour to 1.5 hours ride price range between AED 200- AED 280

Island beach swimming

This is a very relaxing and enjoyable tour; you will cruise to Dolphin bay. You can enjoy sun bath, swimming, banana boat ride and sandwiches. If you are lucky enough you might spot Dolphin

This tour is 4 hours and price is 400 AED per adult participant.

Island BBQ

Island BBQ

This is a Dinning option along with round trip Yacht ride to/ from Lulu Island. In the island you will be having a private setup to lavish the sunset scenery and skyline.
This is most suitable for Couples and Group of 5- 10 participants. A butler will serve the Live BBQ dinner. (Alcoholic beverages can be requested)
Most commonly, it is a 3 hours tour that will cost 750 AED per participant without Alcohol

Camel Trekking

Camel Trekking

Camel trekking in Abu Dhabi is another fun activity. During the desert safaris such a short camel ride which is a 2 rounds like 4-5 minutes ride will be included in the tour agenda as an include.

That’s why you must book a Camel trekking tour which will allows you to experience a camel ride for 30 minutes along with hotel transfers in a 4x4, Sand boarding and Arabian coffee drinks

You will be charges 250AED-300 AED per person for this tour.

Beach horse riding

Beach horse riding is a leisure ride which you are lowed to do during the morning time in Abu Dhabi, It will be 2-3 hours enjoyable beach ride.

Cost 525 - 600AED per person depending on the day you prefer to go for tour (Weekdays and weekends)

Desert horse riding

Select what time you prefer to go for Desert horse ride and book the tour for an evening which has no heavy sun.

This equestrian ride will cost you 325 AED - 400 AED per person for 1-2 hours

Culture and Luxury

Abu Dhabi is obviously an Islamic country. Arabic touch and Art is in the roots of this country.
The old and new architectures, historical places will be indeed interesting places to experience in Abu Dhabi.

Emirates palace

A 5 star hotel that has 7 star services. Emirates Palace, one of the most standard hotels that have demanded by top VIP’s, High class tourists.

This has designed as a palace imprinting a mesmerizing look for outside with 114 domes. No arguments, the inner hotel is also is elegant in architecture and golden sand color touch.
The Gold Bar ATM makes Emirates Palace more significant as well as the Afternoon high tea.
You can go and enjoy this hotel by your own. But, better to enjoy this palace much comprehensively you can bring your tour guide who can take you around if you interested on a sightseeing tour.
Note: Make sure you dress properly when you go there. No shorts for men, sleeve less, silk dresses allowed for women

Grand Mosque

Grand Mosque

Abu Dhabi mosque is designed with white marbles, precious stones, crystals and gold. It is World’s 7th largest mosque which adds more proudness to the city

Normal visiting times:

9 AM -10 PM from Saturday to Thursday
4.30 PM – 10 PM on Fridays

Guided Public walking tour timing :

10 AM, 11 AM, 5 PM from Sunday to Thursday
10 AM, 11 AM, 2 PM, 5 PM, 6.30 PM on Saturday
5 PM, 6.30 PM on Fridays

Note: Wahat Al Karama is situated in front of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. It’s a nice photo location of the mosque from far with water front.

President palace

President palace is a symbol of proudness of Abu Dhabi’s leadership. This white palace is not allowed for public visitors thus it’s the home of higher official’s including His Highness, Crown Prince, and Government Ministers etc.
The beauty of this elegant architecture can be captured from Marina Creek.
Also, you can driver along the road goes to President Palace but cannot see much of it due to the high walls.
Better, if you are on a boat ride on marina creek without entering the prohibited off shore.

Qsar Al Hosn

This is the oldest stone building in Abu Dhabi. Now it’s under research for archeological and historical studies.
This fort was considered to be the Emir who was the ruler of Abu Dhabi at that time
You can visit the exhibition center during the day time, free entrance. The demonstrations of History, evolution of the city from present, Artifacts, Pearling equipment’s and 3D videos related to culture are really impressive.

Heritage Village Abu Dhabi

Heritage village name itself implies that it’s a show case Abu Dhabi history and culture. It commemorates old way of life of inhabitants of Abu Dhabi traditional fishing villagers.
Their traditional livelihoods such as pottery, weavings, crafting are demonstrated in Abu Dhabi Heritage village.

No entrance fee. Open Saturday to Thursday 9 am to 4 pm & Saturday 3.30 pm to 9 pm

Women Handicrafts Center

A place that indicates local women’s handicrafts, artworks and weavings. The ladies who are original locals of Abu Dhabi, wearing traditional dresses involves in local crafts.
You can have a small conversation with these ladies to know more information.
The small stalls in the center display the souvenirs, perfumes and ornaments that you can buy to remember this visit.
In overall, it is a good venue to expose to the ancient culture in Abu Dhabi at today .The entry to women handicraft center is free of charge. Open on Sunday to Thursday from 9 pm to 3 pm.

Etihad Modern Art Gallery

Among Abu Dhabi attractions Etihad modern Art Gallery is located in the Al Bateen residential area which is quite and bit way from the main city.
The creative arts and paintings of both local and international artists are exhibited in this Gallery
You can visit this place for free and please your artistic soul. Open on weekdays from 10 AM to 10 PM

Abu Dhabi cultural foundation

Qasr Al Hosn festival as well as cultural events, workshops, classes, shows and presentations are frequently organized at the Abu Dhabi Cultural foundation center.
Since this is situated in line with Qasr Al Hosn fort, you can plan the visit for these two places at the same time

Falcon Hospital

Falcon Hospital

The world largest home for Falcons is Abu Dhabi Falcon hospital. This was before a falcon treatment center and later converted to a Exhibition center to public visitors
If you go Falcon hospital, the chance of getting some photos holding a falcon, learn about their history, life style and
The entrance fee will be 230 AED for 2 hours guided tour.
Fee for 3 hours guided tour with lunch will be 300 AED.

Adrenaline Rushing Self-Drive Experiences

Adrenaline Junkies must experience self-driving in Abu Dhabi desert beaches and waterways
Following what to do in Abu Dhabi, will makes you cheer up and fun mood

Quad biking

Quad bike ride in Abu Dhabi is a better way of take a challenging drive in the desert. Frequently, quad biking tours are happening in Al Kateem desert which is 80km away from the main city.
If you just need to try the quad bike for 10 -30 minutes along with other desert activities at your Morning or Evening safari time.
You can chill out short time bike ride for cost of 50 AED – 150 AED depending on the time you rent the bike
If you are wish to ride a quad bike for 1 hour or so better you can book for a Quad biking tour that will include long quad ride, with some tea, coffee at the nearby camp.
This whole tour including the 4WD pickup cost ranges from 450 AED – 500 AED per person.

Dune Buggy Abu Dhabi

Dune buggy is another fun activity in Abu Dhabi. The buggy ride on the desert dunes jumping up and down. Up to 2- 4 guests can be sitting on one buggy while one of them drives it.
A dune buggy tour will be nearly 3 hours tour allocating 1 hours with the hotel pick up and drop off.
It will cost 850 AED- 900 AED per person for a this tour.
If you willing to ride buggy for 4 hours, you can go for a 6 hours tour with pick up and drop off. Approximately this tour will cost you around 3500 AED -4500 AED per 2 people

Jet Ski

Abu Dhabi creeks and beach is a better niche for Jet Ski rides. Yas marina, Al Maqta area and Meena Fish market area are the available spots that you can rent a Jet Ski for a fun ride.
The safety guidelines and Life jackets will be provided by an instructor during this rental.
Normally, a jet ski can be rent in Abu Dhabi for 1 hourly basis with cost of 280 AED -350 AED.
Allowed age limit to ride the Jet Ski is 18+. You can bring your kids below 18 years when you drive it hence 2 persons can sit on a Jet Ski bike .
Note : Make sure to bring your original passport or Emirates ID to rent the Jet Ski

Water skiing

Water skiing

Tick Abu Dhabi to do list with another amazing water sports Water skiing Abu Dhabi .
A professional trainer will probably brief you regarding the safety about the place where you are going to ride it for your information. Both beginners and experts are welcome to enjoy Water skiing in this city
Note: Cost of water ski is expensive on Weekends (Friday & Saturday) than weekdays. However, the average rate per 1 hour water skiing per person will cost 450 AED –500 AED depending on the tour provider.


Those who familiar with sporty wakeboarding can really make more fun out of Wake skating in Abu Dhabi.
Specially, Yas Island has favorable ambiance for this sport. A professional will advise you before the tour to make sure the safety.
In average the rates for 1 hour range from 450 AED- 500 AED. (Even for 10 minutes, 30 minutes you can try for lesser rate)

Wake Surfing

Wakesurf on Abu Dhabi waters is best in Yas Island. That’s why you must note down this sport as something must try.
With a long tied rope your surf board will be dragged by a boat to make it more surfers speed when he stands on it. Then the rope will be removed for the surfer to make the move.
Both weekdays as well as weekends Wake surfing can be done from 30 minutes up to 4 hours with rates between 250 AED – 2000 AED

Wake Boarding

Wake Boarding

At this sport the wake board will be directly pulled by a boat. The surfer will hold the edges of the rope from one side where the other end is bound to the boat
Standing on a board you will be able to enchanter a ride on water waves by a fast moving boat
This ride will cost you 30 Minutes 260 AED – 290 AED.


You can do Kayaking in Abu Dhabi in two different locations. One is in Yas Island, Second is in Eastern Mangrove.
The cost for single, double and triple Kayak boat in Yas Island is around 60 AED -100 AED.
Eastern mangrove Kayaking experience is more knowledgeable, exploratory and expensive. Average per person 140 AED -160 AED will cost for 1 hour Kayaking guided ride.

Stand Up Padding

Stand Up Padding

SUP in Abu Dhabi Eastern Mangroves so adventurous. Yas marina too.
At Eastern mangrove Standup Paddling you can paddle into the mangrove forest cover and explore the biodiversity. You can stop and relax in the nearest island on the way ride.

Prices will be in between for a 1 hours SUP nearly 140 AED -200 AED with and without a guide
Yas Marina SUP costs 80 AED – 100 AED per hour normally.

Water Rafting

Al Ain which is 45 minutes to 1 hour’s drive from the main city has the ideal spot for Water Rafting in Abu Dhabi.
The water rating in a man-made pool in Al Ain will not make any difference from natural water pools for sure.

Abu Dhabi snow skiing

There 2 places that you can go for snow skiing in Abu Dhabi

Heart-stopping drives

Experience those heart stopping moments, with fun and fear mixed drives!
Don’t worry about safety….. All these tours of your point of interest in Abu Dhabi will make sure your safety to the max.

Ferrari world Roller coaster ride

Oh my God it is too fast! If you really want to have fastest drive, you must go in Ferrari world roller coaster in Abu Dhabi.
The speed of it is 240 Km per 1 hour. The name of this Roller coaster is “Formula Rossa”
This will be nearly a 2 minutes ride with 2 days shock for you! Ha ha….
Generally, the entrance ticket to Ferrari word includes this attraction

Sea Plane Abu Dhabi

Sea Plane Abu Dhabi

A wowing seaplane experience in Abu Dhabi that you can relish a sea and air drive.

This tour is approximately a 20- 30 minutes sightseeing ride around Abu Dhabi city from the sky.

The tour will starts with the water ride in Yas marina and consecutively plane will take off.

Per adult it will cost 850 AED- 950AED

Helicopter tour Abu Dhabi

A wonderful helicopter ride around Abu Dhabi city to capture the views from ski. No wonder, it will be amazing.
Commonly, it is a 20 minutes -30 minutes ride around the city by an experience pilot.
By the way, it is a very expensive activity in Abu Dhabi. Helicopter tour price will vary between 3000 AED per person with minimum requirement of 6 participants .

Dune bashing

Dune bash is a drive on the desert sand dunes in a 4X4 vehicle. An experience desert safari marshal is trained to drive on dunes as it’s dangerous for usual drivers to try this at desert.
Frequently, roller protected insured 4WD cars and Jeeps are used for these drives.
Desert safari companies in Abu Dhabi provide Dune drives during desert safaris as a part of the tour program.
In average dune bashing takes place for 15 minutes – 45 minutes.

Yas marina circuit motor racing

Yas marina Formula 1 racing circuit is one of the world best advanced racing track. There are several tour options available at the Yas marina for motorsport lovers in all ages.

The F1 circuit Guided tour is a show around tour at the Yas racing school with a guide for 2 hours.

Tickets for this tour will cost 130 AED – 150 AED per person

Yas drift self-driving and Drift taxi passenger ride are another 2 tour options that permits you to drive along the racing tracks on a Toyota 86 racing car.

Nearly this tour will cost 330 AED – 450 AED.

City Sightseeing

Give a description to Abu Dhabi Tourist attractions just in 4 hours or 8 hours.
Match Past, Present and future of Abu Dhabi on a Guided/ Customized/ General itinerary

Abu Dhabi City tours

Half day Abu Dhabi city tour (4 hours) and Full day Abu Dhabi city tour (8 hours) are the most popular 2 types of Abu Dhabi city sightseeing excitements.
This can be booked with a chauffeur or with a professional language guide (separate driver).
Most of the time, Abu Dhabi city tour cover the places such as Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Heritage Village, Iranian Market, Yas Island , Manarat Al Saadiyat etc.
Full day Abu Dhabi city tour might include places such as Masdar city, Women Handicraft center, Ethihad Gallery observation deck, Falcon hospital etc.

Al Ain city tour

Always, Al Ain city sightseeing tours are conducted for full day as there are plenty of places to be seen.
From Abu Dhabi city to Al Ain city, it takes nearly 2 hours to driver. It’s an important city in terms of history and geology.
Since its Oasis city, Al Ain Oasis visit is a must during your visit there. See the wonderful irrigation system they used for the plantations and the greenery.
Al Ain museums, Camel Market, Jabel Hafeet Mountain, Green Mubazzarah, Camel market, Al Ain Zoo are included for an Al Ain tour.

Romantic Eves & dinning

Cherish moments with your sweetheart in Abu Dhabi with some Romantic evening/ dining options.
With or without a special reason take her or him for a romantic High tea/ Dinner out from enchanting Romantic things to in Abu Dhabi.

Romantic Dune Dinner

Abu Dhabi Romantic Dune dinner is specially customized tour for couples.
A lovely private set up and tasty food will be arranged at middle of Abu Dhabi desert. You can enjoy the desert panorama, sunset views and BBQ dinner.
If it is a special day, a cake, Bottle of champing and bouquet of roses will offered Per couple it will cost 2000 AED -2200 AED for a Romantic dune dinner experience.

Sunset Island Champaign

Sunset Island Champaign

Embark on a yacht; you will cruise to Lulu Island from Yacht club dock Abu Dhabi. At the island a private table set up will welcome you with a waiter.

The lady will be given a bouquet of rose and while sitting you can capture the beautiful city serene. During the sunset have a glass of champagne, Tarts & Pastries.

Per person this tour will cost you 1000 AED per 2 hours

Romantic Yacht High tea

Romantic Yacht High tea

A private yacht cruise experience in British style. The Romantic Yacht Height Tea will be for 1 hour excursion.

Attractive city views of the evening Abu Dhabi will be momentous and romantic. Along with the tea, taste the sweets and tarts

This tour can be experience from a rate around 800 AED

Romantic Island BBQ

Romantic BBQ dinner in Island is ideal for honeymoon couples, marriage proposing and surprise dinners or any other Butler service will be provided for live BBQ dinner.

Other includes are Yacht ride to reach and return Lulu island, Bunch of roses, Bottle of champagne, Cakes and Patisserie

Rates 750 AED per person for 3 hours

Dhow dinner Anniversary and Birthday cruise

Dhow dinner Anniversary and Birthday cruise

Celebrate your anniversary and birthday at Dhow dinner cruise Abu Dhabi. Your table will be decorated with few balloons and a cake will be served while Birthday song is played.

Enjoy the scrumptious intercontinental buffet dinner, soft drinks and tea on board
This must do romantic activity in Abu Dhabi will be around 245 AED -300 AED

Emirates Palace Private Romantic Dinner

Experience the 7 star romances at Emirates palace private romantic beach dinner with your beloved.

Taste the A la carte menu dinner a lovelier restaurant in Abu Dhabi consisting with Battler service

Minimum a couple with 2400 AED per person rate

Sunset Dining Experience Saadiyat Island Abu Dhabi

One of another best Abu Dhabi Romantic beach dinner is available in Saadiyat Island resort. This sunset dinning will be a 3 course menu dinner at a romantic setup.

Eye catching sunset view will enhance the brightness of this night

Book this things to do for a per person price 265 AED

Al Raha Beach 5 Course Dine

A beach cabana dining experience in Abu Dhabi ready made for couples at Al Raha beach.
This private cabana with table flowers, 5 courses set menu dinner, a butler will be at your service during this romantic
tour Price per person 430 AED per guest. At least 2 guests required for a booking

Shopping and Souvenirs

Abu Dhabi is full of best brands! Shopping in Abu Dhabi is easy as many world class malls are steps away.
Perhaps, Sales and Souks in Abu Dhabi will make your pocket happy too.

Iranian Market

All type of house hold items, cooking equipment , cleaning materials , camping wood and essentials , Arabic ornaments are available in Iranian market comparatively for lower rates most of the time than other Malls.

Date souk

Variety of date fruit you can buy in Dates market Abu Dhabi for better rates. Fresh local dates you can buy there.

Meena Fish market and Fruit Market

You can buy good fresh fish in Meena Fish market. Most of the Abu Dhabi residents go here as there are so many fish stalls inside the market for your selection. Average fish rates are 1kg 5 AED - 20 AED
The guys who wear red colour suit are specializing in cutting and cleaning the fish you buy. You can just pay 10-15 AED for them.

Malls in Abu Dhabi

What other questions you have regarding what to do in Abu Dhabi?

Check these:

Things to do in Abu Dhabi for free

Not only Budget travelers, but also anyone who visit Abu Dhabi no need to spending thousands of money to enjoy the city. There are many places to visit in Abu Dhabi for free

  1. Abu Dhabi Grand mosque

  2. Wahath Al Karama

  3. Qasr Al Hosn exhibition center

  4. Etihad Modern Art Gallery

  5. Emirates Palace Hotel

  6. Al Batheen beach

  7. Abu Dhabi Corniche

  8. Al Wathba wetland

  9. Heritage Village

  10. Women’s Handicraft centre

  11. Khalidiya Gardens

  12. Abu Dhabi Souks

  13. Al Ain

    This area is belong to Abu Dhabi, though little away from Main Abu Dhabi city. You can explore Al Ain as a city it’s fertile and many more thing to see Here are some free visiting Places in Al Ain city:

  14. UAE University Natural History Museum in Al Ain

  15. Al Ain Oasis

  16. Paradise Gardens

  17. Camel Market

  18. Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum ( Al Ain Palace)

  19. Jabel Hafeet

  20. Greem Mubazzarah

Things to do in Abu Dhabi at night

Abu Dhabi is awake at night with many things to do and see. May be your points of interest at Abu Dhabi nightlife are among the following:

  1. Al Sadeem Observatory Stargazing

  2. Ladies night Yas Water world

  3. Ladies night Yas Marina Circuit

  4. Ladies nights at Abu Dhabi Star Hotels

  5. Emirates Palace sightseeing at night

  6. Overnight desert safari

  7. Bowling at Khalifa International sports city

  8. Evening Grand mosque sightseeing and dine facing mosque views

  9. Abu Dhabi city night tour

  10. Jabel Hafeet visit in Al Ain

  11. Corniche Abu Dhabi

  12. Al Batheen beach camping

  13. Yas Island Camping

  14. Overnight camping and BBQ in Lulu Island

  15. Mushrif park

  16. Shopping at malls

  17. Dine Authentic food

Here are some of to do ideas to plan your Abu Dhabi Holidays

Keep reading:

Which things to do in Abu Dhabi can see today?

  • Historic and religious icons
  • World class them parks and amusement
  • Clubs, pubs, and Hotels
  • Water sports
  • Desert activities
  • Ice rink
  • Modern galleries and Museums
  • Local Emirati experience with authentic food
  • Adventurous rides
  • Leisure and recreational parks and beaches
  • Romantic venues

What to do in Abu Dhabi for a day?

Idea 1
4 AM to 9 AM : Sunrise desert safari Abu Dhabi with Breakfast
9.15 AM to 11.30AM : Sheikh Zayed Mosque sightseeing
11.45 AM to 1 PM :Emirates Palace sightseeing
1.15 PM to 2.30PM :Lunch at an authentic Arabic restaurant or other as you prefer
2.45 PM to 4 PM : Heritage Village
5 PM to 6.00 PM : Qasr Al Hosn museum
6 PM – 10 PM : Night Abu Dhabi city tour
Idea 2
8 AM to 12 PM :Morning desert safari
12.15 PM to 1.30 PM :Lunch
1.45 PM to 3 PM :Heritage Village
3.15 PM to 5PM :Emirates Palace Sightseeing and Palace High Tea
5.15 PM to 6.15 PM : Jet Ski ride/ Ice rink
6.30 PM to 7. 30 PM :Flight stimulator experience
7.50 PM to 10 PM :Dhow cruise dinner
Idea 3
8 AM to 10 AM :Falcon Hospital
11 AM to 1 PM :Women Handicraft center
1 PM to 1.45 PM :Lunch with a local and Abu Dhabi food tour
3.30 PM to 9.30 PM :Evening desert safari
Idea 4
8 AM to 12PM :Abu Dhabi Sea plane flying city tour
1.30 PM to 3.30 PM :Grand mosque observation
3.30 PM to next day 8 AM :Evening & Overnight desert safari

Idea 5
6 PM to Overnight:Overnight safari and morning sunrise views & breakfast
9 AM to 10.45 AM :Sheikh Mosque attactions
11.30 AM to 12.30 PM :Emirates Palace See around
1.30 PM – 2.30 PM :Lunch cruise
Idea 6
4.30 AM – 8 AM :Sunrise desert safari and Camel riding for 1 hour
9 AM to 6 PM :Full day Abu Dhabi city tour (Sheikh Mosque, Heritage Village, Masdar city, Emirates Palace, Yas Island)
7 PM – 9 PM: Dinner at Ushna viewing night views of Grand mosque
9.30 PM -10 .30 PM: Corniche beach / Al Batheen beach

What are the things to do In Abu Dhabi within 2 days?

If you are coming to Abu Dhabi for just 2 days, you will have time to do the below must do things in Abu Dhabi.
Explore Emirate of Abu Dhabi utilizing the time you have to the maximum

Idea 1
(01 Day): Half day Abu Dhabi city Tour by land or air, Catamaran cruise experience and Dine with the views of Abu Dhabi mosque night vista

(02 Day): Arabic restaurant breakfast, Falcon hospital visit, Ferrari world, Yas Mariana and Yas Water world visits
Idea 2
(01 Day): Sunrise safari, Women’s handicraft center, Heritage Village, Etihad Modern Art Gallery, Al wathba wetland, Ice rink

(02 Day): Falcon hospital, Masdar city tour, Al Ain city tour

Idea 3
(01 Day): Morning desert safari, Heritage Village, Masdar city, Night city tour (Sheikh Mosque, Etihad modern gallery, Qasr Al Hosn and Yas Island drive)

(02 Day): Eastern mangrove Kayaking / SUP, Dhow sightseeing cruise / Lunch cruise, Etihad observation deck, Al Batheen beach

What are the top things to do in Abu Dhabi just in 3 days?

If you have 3 days to spend in Abu Dhabi to explore the following things to do will be possible as you have fortnights.

Idea 1
1st Day : Kayaking, Camel trekking tour/ Quad bike tour, Abu Dhabi city tour for selected places by you, Falcon Hospital, Dhow dinner cruise.
2nd Day : Al Ain city tour and water rafting
3rd Day : Liwa city tour, Yas island attractions
Idea 2
1st Day : Falcon hospital, Kayaking, Al Ain tour
2nd day : Customized Abu Dhabi city tour linking Present, past and Future icons
3rd Day : Water Karting, Surfing in Yas Island, Yas Maina fomula 1 race track drive

What are the Things to do In Abu Dhabi within a week?

Abu Dhabi what to see in a week are hand full. Yes, you can explore every nook and corner of Abu Dhabi
if you stay here for almost a week’s time.

Plan your 1 days accordingly as 2 Days for Main Abu Dhabi city including Evening desert safari,
Abu Dhabi mosque sightseeing, Places of historic importance.
2nd Day you can dedicate to amusement at Water Park rides, Ferrari world and F1 Marina circuit experience 3rd day you can explore Al Ain city in a complete day
4th Day you can go Liwa to explore the red sand dunes, Liwa desert drive
5th Day relax at Abu Dhabi beaches, Local people and shopping
6th Day entertainments of some city sightseeing by cruise and Dinner experience to nearby Islands
7th day onwards if you have more time explore Nearest cities such as Dubai, Sharjah , Fujairah by a seven Emirates tour a quick driver along UAE cities from Abu Dhabi. Explore selected each city with a selected destinations of it

Things to do around Christmas in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a holiday destination for all religions. Christmas time jingle bells music, decorations and Santa shows are there in most of the Malls.

  1. Christmas Market and sale shopping Abu Dhabi

  2. X-mas dhow dinner

  3. Christmas Carols, dances and shows (Abu Dhabi malls and Hotels)

  4. Christmas day lunch and dinners ( Most of the 5* hotels and Restaurants)

  5. Mass at church ( St Andrew's Anglican Church , St Joseph’s Cathedral Abu Dhabi, Evangelical Community Church)

Abu Dhabi things to do for Ladies

  1. Ladies night at Yas water world ( on Thursday night)

  2. Ladies night & Fitness sessions at Yas marina circuit (on Wednesday night)

  3. Ladies night at Wadi Adventure water rafting

  4. Ice Rink ( on Thursday and Friday night)

  5. Shopping

  6. All other general tours and Activities

Hotels and Experience of Great Hospitality

Sensation of Hospitality brings to the par of you by world class hotels in Abu Dhabi. The list of Hotels in Abu Dhabi can be categorized under stars of them. Hotel stay will make you holiday remarkable!

Find your favorite Abu Dhabi hotels from here:

Hotel inside Abu Dhabi airport

Abu Dhabi International Airport is the main passenger transferring airport in Abu Dhabi. The transit passengers as well as short stay visitors to Abu Dhabi through AUH airport has provided with the hotel facilities inside.
There 2 main Abu Dhabi airport hotels are dedicated for Airport passengers.

Aerotel Abu Dhabi International Airport hotel
This hotel is situated inside AUH airport Terminal 1 for stopover passengers for shorter stays. This transit hotel inside airport has around 50 rooms ranging from single room, double room, small room, medium room or large room types. The price will vary 300 AED – 800AED depending on which room type you prefer.

Sleeping Pod at Terminal 3
For the transit passengers can utilize the facility of these sleeping pods called “Go-sleep” for couple of hours resting. It will cost you 75 AED per hour.

Premier Inn Abu Dhabi International Airport hotel
Opposite Airport arrival main exit (near to Terminal 1 and Terminal 3) Abu Dhabi Premier inn Hotel is where you can easily find out. (Otherwise just ask the security guards)

Hence, Abu Dhabi international airport hotel has waiting area for stopover passengers who come to Abu Dhabi, few cafeterias, fast food brands are available for the visitors at the Sky Park corridor

Most of the time all the tour and activity providers are picking the tourists for the pre-booked tours from the this Premier inn Abu Dhabi international hotel lobby as it has easy access for the vehicle. (In the airport entrance it is not allowed for the tour pickups).

For stays at AUH Airport Premier inn hotel is 3* hotel option which has Double room, Twin room, Family room options for around 250 AED -300 AED price.

5 Star Hotels Abu Dhabi

4 Star Hotels in Abu Dhabi

3 Star Hotels in Abu Dhabi

2 Star Hotels in Abu Dhabi

Budget Hotels Abu Dhabi

We know, finding the cheapest hotel in Abu Dhabi with better facilities is your wish. Budget hotels which have cheapest prices follow for your stay in Abu Dhabi.

But, be careful some of those cheapest hotels are cheapest in price while the quality is very low. WiFi facility, room facilities and other might be not as you expected till you go there. Make sure, not to disappoint yourself by selecting the wrong.

Therefore consider the quality of the hotel meantime consider the price.

Sometimes 4*/ 3* Hotels like Executive suits , Ramada hotel, City season, Premier Inn, Paragon Hotel, Centro Capital, IBIS Hotel has rates between the rate of 110 AED -190 AED per night for a 2 adults.

Ways to Abu Dhabi hotels booking

Online hotel booking via hotel booking portals such as Booking.com, Trivago, Tajawal are the easiest way to book your Abu Dhabi hotels comparing the rates and stars

Summary of Abu Dhabi Travel Guide

Gist of Abu Dhabi tourist information is in your hand now with this Info-graphic guide by Adventure Emirates.


Abu Dhabi is in Middle East belongs to a unity of 7 emirates which stand as a county, United Arab Emirates.
The trust worthy Abu Dhabi holidays reviews are listed on these platforms where you can read and find your best from the travelers to Abu Dhabi before. Numerous tour provider’s tours and activities can be compared and get ideas from which you will book your each Abu Dhabi tour.
  • TripAdvisor Abu Dhabi
  • Trustpilot
Yes, Abu Dhabi is among the safest cities in the world politically, physically, environmentally and socially.
Adventurous desert drives, Water sports, Meet local Emirati and taste their food, Arabic costumes wearing photo shoot and Sea Plane top of Abu Dhabi sky flying
Must see places in Abu Dhabi within a fixed time like Night 6 PM to Morning 10 AM can be suggested like below.
6 PM – 8 PM: Sheikh Grand Mosque exploration
8. 15pm – 9.15 PM: Palace hotel walking tour
9.45 PM – 11 PM : Dine with mosque views
11 PM – 4 PM : Al Batheen camping
4 AM – 9 AM : Sunrise views, breakfast and morning desert with dune bash excitement, Camel ride 1 hour and Dune buggy

Hope this blog will useful to make your Abu Dhabi tour plans.
Visit Abu Dhabi and Explore!

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