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Al Fahidi Historical District Heritage Tour Dubai


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Go on a tour of the Al Fahidi Historical district with SMCCU and learn its history, admire the architecture and ask any question that crosses your mind before relaxing to Emirati hospitality with a cup of coffee and dates.

The quieter part of Dubai, the Al Fahidi Historical District was previously known as the Bastakia Quarter and is situated near the Dubai Creek. The mud-colored houses lining the streets have wind towers to let in cool air. The district is full of revamped houses containing art galleries, museums, cultural exhibits and boutique hotels. Saved from yet another skyscraper development by Prince Charles in 1980, this neighborhood is a juicy slice displaying Dubai’s rich history of trade.

You can get to Al Fahidi District through the bus or metro. Once there, you can make your way to the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. Their warm attitude and welcoming gestures support their slogan ‘Open Doors, Open Minds’, a driving force to encouraging unity between tourists, locals, and expats by providing knowledge about Dubai’s history, culture, traditions, and religion.

The SMCCU is housed in a revamped historic house with a beautiful courtyard and a wind tower with panoramic views. After a good experience of authentic Emirati hospitality, you will go on a stroll around the district with your guide. Your guide will give you an interesting commentary on the history of the buildings before explaining you about the architecture.

After reaching the Ruler’s Court Mosque, which is a ‘no access’ zone only allowing SMCCU guests to pass through its doors. Your guide will explain how it was a crucial part of the Emirati routine. You will be taken back to SMCCU for a steaming cup of authentic Arabic coffee and dates. The best part about this tour is getting all your questions answered throughout 90 minutes duration. Don’t give up on the chance of experiencing warm Emirati hospitality.


  • Guided Tour of Al Fahidi District Heritage
  • Entrance to the Ruler’s Court Mosque
  • Entrance to SMCCU
  • Authentic Arabic Coffee, Tea and Dates
  • Cultural Question and Answer Session

Not Included

  •  Hotel Transfer
  •  Gratuities

Good to Know

  • This tour only avalaible on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Saturday start at 09:00 AM
90 Minutes
  • Departure
    Al Fahidi District
  • Departure Time
    10:30 AM
  • Return Time
    12:00 PM
  • Dress Code
    Casual Wear - Appropriate for Cultural Places

Getting There

Make your way to Al Fahidi District by a Taxi, Metro or Public Bus. By Metro you need to stop at Al Fahidi Metro Station, and if by bus will stop at Al Fahidi Bus Stop.

During the Tour

At Al Fahidi District

  • Admire the restored wind tower houses
  • Walk through the winding lanes
  • Make your way to SMCCU


  • Enjoy Emirati hospitality
  • Meet your guide
  • Drink Arabic Coffee and eat dates

During the tour of the district

  • Admire the architecture
  • Ask questions and get answers on any topic related to UAE
  • Learn about the history of the district
  • Visit the Ruler’s Court Mosque