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Experience the perfect blend of a camel ride with some complimentary desert activities offered for the camel riding tour in Dubai. That’ll make your heart embraced with wonderful memories of the relaxing camel ride Dubai

Get familiar with the harmonious blend of a relaxing camel riding in the morning desert of Dubai. Anticipate a time filled with thrill, adventure and hidden beauty, all experienced within the limits of the Dubai desert.

Meet the thrill of the desert by going dune bashing in a fully air-conditioned four wheel drive. You will understand why this activity is nicknamed the roller coaster of the desert after you are done with it. All the while you will be taking in the beautiful surrounding of the golden land.

Next up, is the relaxing camel ride, in which you can get close and personal with the ship of the desert for an half an hour. That’s not all, the height of the camel will let you see miles ahead from where you are.

After you have experienced a bit of Bedouin foresight, you can give sand boarding a try, if you wish to. This activity will be arranged upon request during the booking of the tour and puts your balance skills to the test.

If the adrenaline junkie in you is still not satisfied, then you can request to rent out some quad bikes and raise some sand.

Your heart will definitely gravitate towards the picturesque and serene memories made during the camel ride Dubai, the highlight of most desert safaris.

During Summer ( April – September) Camel trekking tour only operating in the Morning time

: pick up around 7 AM -8 AM

You will ride what type of camels in Dubai?

You might have seen the different species of camels and contemplating which one of them you will mount during the camel ride Dubai desert safaris offer. One hump, two humps or no humps, which one is it?

The Dubai desert is home to the Arabian camels also known as the dromedary and has only one hump. The reason why these majestic creatures are nicknamed as the ship of the desert is because of their coping mechanism to withstand the heat and the lack of water in the desert.

The hump is their savior because it stores around 80 percent of fat which is conveniently broken down to energy and water as per their requirement. If this fact has got you going all ‘awww’ about the camels, then just wait until you see them in front of you.

  • Scientific name: Camels Dromedarius
  • Type: Mammals
  • Diet: Herbivores
  • Collective name: Caravan, Flock
  • Size: Over 7 ft tall from top of hump to bottom of foot
  • Weight: Around 1,600 lbs

Camel Ride Dubai price

  •   we charge 290 AED per adult and 230 AED for the child.
  •  Adults are from 12 years to 85 years & children are counted from 4 years to 11 years and child seat will be provided
  •  Infants below 4 years are not allowed to go in this tour according to Dubai Tourism Authority and if you are taking with you its under your responsibility, we do not charge for infant


  •  Private 4×4 Pick-up and drop-off
  •  30 Minutes Camel Ride
  • Unlimited soft drinks, water, tea, and coffee

Not Included

Good to Know

  • The time of the pick-up provide approximate times only. Your exact pick-up time will be reconfirmed to you after booking by your tours Manager
5 Hours
  • Departure
    Any hotels in Dubai (Dubai Airport - Holiday inn Airport hotel & Port)
  • Dress Code
    Casual Wares

Pickup by 4x4

You will be picked up from your hotel in Dubai by a land cruiser and driven to the Dubai desert

During the desert safari

  • Experience a thrilling dune bashing session
  • Go on an eye-opening camel ride for 30 minutes
  • Put your balance skills to the test and go sand boarding
  • Get rid of thrust with tea, coffee and soft drinks

Drop off

You will be dropped back to your hotel in Dubai in an air-conditioned land cruiser