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The Dune Buggy Adventures Sharjah tour begins at the Mleiha Archaeological Center, where you can gain an insight to the history of Arabs. A thrilling Dune buggy drive on the best routes of the Desert await you.

The Dune Buggy Adventures Sharjah tour is designed specifically for people who love thrill and adventure. The dune buggies will take you on a heart-thumping drive that is sure to satisfy the thrill seeker in you. The Dune Buggy Adventures Sharjah tour is an off-road adventure where you are presented the opportunity to stop and explore the stunning landscapes and sceneries of Mleiha.

This Dune Buggy Adventures tour in Sharjah commences with your arrival at the Mleiha Archaeological Center. You will be given a complete tour of the Center by an experienced tour guide. The artifacts of the center will give you a glimpse of the life of Emiratis in the bygone years. The Center is designed in manner that complements its environment and surroundings.

Then,begins the exciting and thrilling part of the Dune Buggy Adventures Sharjah Tour. Each dune buggy comes equipped with a full roll cage, bucket seats, and a full safety harness. This ensures that you are safe and comfortable throughout the drive. An expert guide will take you on the dune Buggy Drive at a pace that you are comfortable. The guide will ensure that you drive through the best routes and that you enjoy impressive views of the Sharjah Desert. You will also gain a firsthand experience of the thrill associated with the Dune Buggy Drive.

If you want to enjoy this Dune Buggy Adventures Tour with company you can opt to book this package in a group of two. So that the two of you will share one Buggy throughout the exciting drive.

Available Tour options 

  •  Dune Buggy Extreme Fossil Climb – You can climb the Fossil Rock. This will approximately take you 40 minutes – Price  175 AED
  • Dune Buggy Extreme Tour – This includes the exploration of the Faya Caves, Camel Rock, and Dead Camel’s Dune. This would take you approximately 2 hours – Price  300 AED


  •  40 minutes – 120 minutes Dune Buggy Adventures, that depends on the tour package that you choose
  •  Entry into the Mleiha Archaeological Center, and a guided tour of the Center

Not Included

  • Transport to and from the Mleiha Archaeological Center. This can be arranged on request
  • Food and Drinks

Good to Know

  • The Dune Buggy Adventures Sharjah Tour is suitable for ages – 12+ years


1 hours (Extreme Fossil Climb) or 2 hours(Extreme Tour)
  • Return Time
    After the 1 hour or 2 hours tour
  • Dress Code
    Casual Sporty wear