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This extreme sport might sound challenging but is actually quite easy once you master the kite. Kite surfing Abu Dhabi is a new way to enjoy the thrill of the wind and the adventure of the sea in the exhilarating location of Yas Island.

Always been an enthusiast of the wind that blows up at the seaside? Kite Surfing Abu Dhabi in Yas Island now offers you a good chance to experience the adventures of the wind by going Kite Surfing.

The only equipment you need is a short, t-shirt, sun cream, cap, water, energy bar, and the wind (more than 9 knots). Even if you are not an adrenaline junkie this activity will bring out the wilder side in you. So make your way to Yas Kite Beach and start learning how to control the kite. You will definitely have a thrilling and recreational day learning the moves of Kite Surfing Abu Dhabi from our skilled and qualified trainers. Are you ready to let the wind guide you?

Kite Surfing Abu Dhabi by Eywoa Kite Schools is where you will go to get your kitesurfing lessons. This is an institute created by skilled kite surfers for kite surfers. The instructors are all IKO, IKA and EKA certified with more than 15 years of experience up their sleeve. They have been living in the UAE for more than 30 years and are well aware of all the secret locations, favorable geographic features etc that will make you kite surfing Abu Dhabi experience all the more memorable.

With us you can:

  • Learn the basics of Kite Surfing (suitable for beginners)
  • Develop your jumps (bar pass, unhooked, high jump, etc)
  • Learn to control a surfboard, hydrofoil or skim
  • Find out about the secret spots
  • Rent out required gear
  • Repair your gear
  • Go on kite trips with friends



Wind Speed: From 9 Knots
Water: Can ride any water conditions

Twin tip boards and kites can be used in a wider wind range and have a good re-launch making it one of the most commonly used boards. The Freeride or Freestyle is the most famous style of kitesurfing and allows you to embrace your own style. So just have fun in the process and you will learn a lot


Wind speed: From 8 knots
Water: All conditions

A perfect blend of skim, surf and twin tip, the skate surf is the perfect board to train for future wave trips outside the country. The board is perfect for light wind, jump and bump conditions while being the perfect board to possess if there is no big barrel wave.


Wind speed: From 6 to 15 knots
Water: Smooth and flat (due to small fins)

Similar to the wakeboarding skim, this board is wide with one to three tiny fins. This helps to have less resistance with the water while being the perfect wind gear that is light and ideal for UAE.


Wind speed: From 6 knots
Water: Doesn’t matter you are flying above

The most popular face of kiteboarding, hydrofoils have become the go to kiteboarding option because of the ideal size suitable for LW country. Hydrofoils require the kites to be up in the air for the ride to go on smoothly. With roughly 10 hours of practice, you will be on your way to becoming a rider that has excellent kite control.


  • Insurance
  •  Kite Surf Kit powered by Liquid Force
  • Certified & Qualified Instructor
  •  Boat

Not Included

  •  Hotel Transfer
  • Gratuities

Good to Know

  • It is important for you to be able to swim a minimum of 50 m and not be afraid of the water
  • All medical issues should be informed prior to a session. In a case of certain conditions, you might be held back from going forward with the session
  • All participants will have to sign a disclaimer before starting the session
  • Know and abide by our rules and regulations
  •  Because kitesurfing is like sailing about wind, availibility will depend on forecasts
1 Hour
7+ Age
Abu Dhabi
  • Departure
    Yas Kite Beach Abu Dhabi
  • Departure Time
    Depends on the Availability from Sunrise to Sunset
  • Dress Code
    Surf Wear