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Parasailing in Fujairah


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Soar among the clouds of Fujairah as you enjoy an exciting session of parasailing under watchful eyes. Fill up on adrenaline while taking in the beautiful views.

Launch yourself among the clouds with this exciting Parasailing in Fujairah tour that is sure to fill you up on your emptying adrenaline. Look no further than Fujairah for a good dose of thrill and fun in UAE. This is a good chance to admire gorgeous views while quenching the thrill-seeker in you. Also known as parakiting or parasailing, the parasailer is attached to a kite-like parachute with a harness. This is then attached to a moving boat. The exciting part about this sport is that you are launched high enough into the air to make you feel like you are flying but remain close enough to the ground for you to be able to admire the picturesque scenery beneath you.

The boat you will be attached to are specifically made for parasailing and are controlled by crew who have a minimum experience of 17 years. Your session starts with a brief and educational safety explanation where your instructors will walk you through the do’s and dont’s. After being harnessed to the boat all you have to do is trust your skipper and relax. Flying solo or with a partner is your choice to make. Either way you will be soaring over the Fujairah waves as your boat maneuvers through the water. The wonderful air of Fujairah, the picturesque scenes and the perfect dose of thrill make the Parasailing in Fujairah activity a must.


  •  Safety briefing from experienced professionals
  •  Special parasailing boat maneuvered by skilled crew
  •  Admire wonderful.views of fujairah’s seas
  •  Choose to ride alone or with a partner

Not Included

  • Hotel Transfer
  • Alcoholic Beverages & food


15 minutes
  • Departure
  • Dress Code
    Casual wear