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Pony Ride Abu Dhabi


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Introduce your child to the world of horses and ponies by taking them riding in the Dhabian Equestrian Club. The family-friendly environment and the playful ponies will get your child excited to attempt a rewarding activity.

The story begins with Tina the owner rescued many horses and ponies from abusive situations and sheltered them in her garden. What started out as a rescue operation in 2007 evolved into a full-fled business named after her favorite horse Dhabian.

Her love for these gentle creatures led to the passion to initiate horse and pony riding lessons and spread the passion into everyone’s hearts. Her generous and caring heart caused twelve rescued horses to become forty and there’s still no stopping. Help your budding angels appreciate the beauty and poise of these majestic creatures by helping them with baby steps.

The best place to start is by introducing them to a cute pony on which they can ride. These small and stout creatures will catch your little one’s heart immediately encouraging them to try riding them. You won’t have to worry because this is a safer alternative to horse riding. Your children will improve their confidence while building a strong bond with the ponies.

Whether your kids are beginners, intermediates or tiny experts, they will surely benefit from the fun activities that are taught in these riding lessons. Your child will learn how to mount and dismount a pony along with many other basic but crucial steps. You can opt for group riding lessons or personal ones. Every pony has a different personality, just like humans. Let your kids embrace the love for horses and ponies while enjoying all the activities related to them.


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  • Experienced Guide

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15 Minutes
Abu Dhabi
Horse Riding Abu Dhabi
  • Departure
    Dhabian Equestrian Club
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    Casual Wear