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Private Abu Dhabi City Tour with Grand Mosque and Falcon Hospital


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Get the best from two of Abu Dhabi’s top attractions of varying spectrum. The Grand Mosque will blow you with Islamic architecture and the Falcon Hospital will let you peek into the animal caring scene of this Emirate.

The Abu Dhabi City Tour with Grand Mosque and Falcon Hospital will give you the best from two of Abu Dhabi’s top attractions, each lying on different sides of the spectrum. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque will give you some fine tit bits of Islamic architecture whereas the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital will give you a look into the animal caring scene of this colorful Emirate. Your tour begins when our driver picks you up and takes you on a picturesque drive to the far reaches of Abu Dhabi where the mosque stands tall in the skyline showing off its splendid and unique architecture. The candy-cane white minarets standing guard on each side of the domes is a breathtaking sight with the contrasting blue sky in the background.

Apart from having enough space to accommodate 41,000 worshipers it has a spectacularly maintained lawn and a world record or two under its belt. This iconic structure is a display of modern Islamic architecture and was constructed using tons of unpolluted white Greek marble, no wonder for its pearly white color. The halls are dangling with chandeliers galvanized using 24-carat gold and decorated with Swarovski Crystals. You will even bag the chance of seeing the world’s biggest hand-loomed carpet. Next, drive towards the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, the first and only facility in the region dedicated for falcons. Opened in 1999, the facility has become one of the biggest avian hospitals. It even produces Falcon passports since it was introduced by the UAE because of the Falcon being their bird of pride. Go to the treatment room for a demonstration by a trained care-giver on the common ailments and their treatments. Down in the exhibit area you can learn about the various species of Falcons, the tools used by the falconers and so many things that are exciting to know.

The free-flight aviary is where you can see the falcon’s prowess, speed and precision while hunting. You will be awed at how majestic it looks with its feathers spread on the sides. If you prefer braving an arm, pose with a falcon for a memorable photograph with the pride of UAE. Once you are done, you will be dropped back to your hotel in Abu Dhabi.

Tour Includes

  • Transfer by a Experienced Driver in a comfortable vehicle on private basis
  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque visit
  • Falcon Hospital visit
  • Watch a falcon in flight at the free-flight aviary and falcon treatment center
  • Quick drive around the city for window sightseeing

Not Included

  • A professional tour guide
  • Other Attractions
  • Gratuities
4 hours
Abu Dhabi
  • Departure
    Any city hotels & malls in Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi international airport Premier Inn, Abu Dhabi port
  • Departure Time
    9.00 am
  • Return Time
    1.00 pm
  • Dress Code
    Casual. Women: loose trousers or skirts that reach up to ankles and long sleeve tops that cover the entire hand. Since a religious place is being visited please bring along a scarf to cover your head. Please avoid transparent clothing. Men: Please avoid shorts.

Getting there

You will be picked up by your driver in a comfortable vehicle from your hotel in Abu Dhabi or any other location within city limits. Once you have made yourself comfortable, you will be driven to Sheikh Zayed Mosque and then to the Falcon Hospital.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

  • Admire the marble minarets and domes glistening
  • Look at chandeliers made of gold and decorated with Swarovski crystals
  • Observe the world’s largest hand loomed carpet

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

  • Listen to a trained care-giver giving explanations about Falcons ailments and their treatments
  • Educate yourself about various Falcon species and observe the falconer’s tools of the trade
  • Watch a falcon in flight at the free-flight aviary
  • Take a picture with a falcon perched in your arm (if you are brave enough)


Your driver will drop you back to your Abu Dhabi hotel or location within city limits.