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Traditional Tanoura Dance

Tanoura Dance

Tanoura Dance originated in Egypt but has evolved into a more commercial performing art form, also known as Sufi whirling. When Tanoura was first practiced it was performed by males as a form of gaining spiritualism & closeness to the God by the Sufis.

Tanoura Dance

Today, females participate in the performance as the lead or even background dancers. The name tanoura mentions the colorful circular skirt that the performer wears. The centrifugal force of whirling transforms the skirt into a colorful line. Because of its visual appeal, the Sufis used to perform it during their festivals whereas non-Sufis use it as a folk dance.

Female Tanoura Dance

Similar to the modernization of everything else, the western belly dancers have adapted this performing art and transformed it with more visual effects. Every move tells its own story of a connection between Man and God or the relationship between land and sky. The circular movements are symbolic of the life cycle or the movements of the universe.

Philosophically the world starts & ends at the same point which can only be represented by circular motions. The lead tanoura dancer represents the sun and the background dancers represent planets. The dancer wears around 4 skirts which he unties throughout the performance to create different designs during the performance.

A traditional Tanoura Dance is one of the best parts of Adventure Emirates Desert Safaris. This dance is performed with an aim of attaining spiritual peace while entering into a trance to unite with God and for the entertainment of beguiled spectators.

You will be mesmerized by the patterns have created during the twirling of the colorful skirts. The dancers make use of lights as well to really enhance their show while stealing your breath away. Cameras will be flashing throughout the performance especially when the skirts create beautiful patterns. You will be surprised by how gracefully the tanoura dancer ends the show while the dancer not being dizzy.

Tanoura Dance

The desert setting provides a good backdrop for the performance. Tanoura dance is usually paired with our dinner spread followed by a belly dance performance to provide you with an authentic experience of a dance that has been passed down for generations.

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