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Travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai

Travel from abu dhabi to dubai

Today I thought of writing a blog of the various options of travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. Usually we may only be aware of the public bus services, but there are many others which I was amazed to know and felt that my blog would be the best place to share this information I grabbed which will reach all global travellers across the globe. Lets us explore the modes of transportation between the two amazing cities. Also checkout our recent article about ultimate things to do in Abu Dhabi

Personal travel Drive from Abu Dhabi to Dubai

You can drive via your own car between these 02 cities within a time frame of 1.5 hours. I have many friends who travel to work from Abu Dhabi to Dubai on a daily basis to meet their sales customers. Thus travelling on road between Abu Dhabi and Dubai is not at all a hassle.

Taxis travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai

Contact : 600535353

Taxis are the first point of contact usually for an unplanned travel between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Most tourists or residents, who travel early morning and late night where public transportation is not available, have no option but a taxi. Some use taxis to speed up their travel time. A taxi travel will cost between 250 AED to 300 AED one way and will take approximately around 1.5 hours.

Public Bus travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai

Contact : 80088888

There are luxury buses which cost 25 AED one way to travel between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The travel time will be approximately around 2 hours where you can have a comfortable journey

  • Al Ghubaiba Bus station (Dubai) – Bus number E100 in 30 mins frequency from 5am to 11.30pm
  • Ibn Batutta Bus station (Dubai) –Bus number E101 in 30 mins frequency from 5am to 10.00pm
  • Abu Dhabi Bus Station – Bus numbers 100 & E101 in 30 mins frequency from 5am to 12 midnight

Car Rental to travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai

Any international driving license holder can rent a car and fill fuel and drive between Dubai and Abu Dhabi for approximately USD 20 per day. This service is provided by tour operators and transportation agents in both cities.

Private City Tours

Tour Operators can arrange a private city tour for you and your loved ones with their itinerary or an itinerary planned by you. These tours usually range from 8 to 9 hours. The prices range from 300 AED to 350 AED for city tours between Abu Dhabi to Dubai or vice versa.

Etihad Airways Shuttle

Etihad airways passengers can get a free shuttle by showing their boarding pass and can reach Dubai city from Abu Dhabi airport. On the other hand if you are flying with Etihad airways and residing in Dubai, you are entitled for a free shuttle transfer from Dubai city to Abu Dhabi airport. This express shuttle is found in-front of Terminal 1 at Abu Dhabi airport.

Emirates Airlines Shuttle

Emirates airlines offers a complimentary shuttle bus service for all its passengers between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The bus leaves from Terminal 3 at Dubai airport and you can find the bus in-front of Emirates Downtown office in Khalidiya at Abu Dhabi Corniche.

Fly Dubai Bus

A special shuttle service runs from Terminal 2 Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi city. This is operated and managed by Fly Dubai and costs 40 AED per person. Really helps the passengers who use Terminal 2 to transfer to Abu Dhabi city smoothly.

Domestic Flights

You can travel via Rotana Jet in just 30 minutes which will cost you approximately between 150 AED to 200 AED one way. This flight operates from DWC Al Maktoum Airport to Abu Dhabi airport and vice versa which has only one flight available on Mondays, Thursday and Saturdays. Usually it departs at 1.30pm from Dubai and 9.00am from Abu Dhabi

Helicopter Ride

Alpha Tours and UberChopper offer helicopter services usually from Dubai Atlantis to Yas Island Abu Dhabi for around 2500 AED and reaches within 20 mins. This tour usually needs an advance booking as usually only VIPs travel on such a tour.

The ways of transport facilities and options available between Dubai and Abu Dhabi is really amazing to get to know. I am sure now you can select the best option and make your travel journey enjoyable. Love Dubai, Love Abu Dhabi. Travelling is never a worry in UAE as it is fun.

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