UAE Inbound Tour Operators

Adventure Emirates teams up with the professional inbound tour operators situated in the United Arab Emirates. Our partners are firsthand operators selling products like tours, activities, cooking classes, shore excursions, shows, events, attractions, nightlife and transportation. We are the first company putting together all UAE experience in a platform where all tourists and residence can book and enjoy the tours with you. Our main aim is to help UAE inbound tour operators with more bookings, advice’s and providing photos and videos

Why partner with Adventure Emirates?

Increased bookings

Boost your sales percentage by selling your tours directly to tourists without the hassle of multiple channels.

Collect payments directly

Adventure emirates encourage customers to pay upon arrival. Your staff will directly collect the payment while the tour begins. Most of the time the payment is made using cash.

Quick, Easy & free

Your product will be created and managed by our dedicated staff. The accounts manager will keep a record of all bookings while your bookings will be input in the reservation system. The process starts when our destination expert visits your attraction or experiences your tour, the content will be created and uploaded and we will keep your accounts team thoroughly informed.

No Fees

Our income is gained by you providing us with net rates at a discount off the selling rate of your tour or product. Our income is made when your payment is gained. It’s simple and hassle free, no additional charges to worry about. We do not sell beyond your customer rate, those who do not have ethics of selling tours and activities on the base of B2C & B2B Rates, please do not contact us


If you are interested please drop us an email or give us a ring