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UAE Visa Status Change

UAE Tourist Visa Extension without Exit – Inside Country Visa Now Available Now

Do I need to Exit UAE to amend Visit Visa? 

According to the UAE Ministry of Interior’s resolution 377 of 2014, any UAE Visa Holder can amend a Visit Visa Status to a valid Residence Visa without exiting the country. This is a good news to those of you who are planning to change your visa status of entry from UAE Visit Visa to UAE Resident Visa.

While staying inside the country, the Visit Visa Holders or the UAE Company can apply for their UAE Residency Visa as Spouse visa or Family Visa or Employment Visa. It is important to apply for the Resident Visa before the Visit Visa expires, to avoid the last minute issues. In case if your UAE Visit visa expires while the Resident Visa status change is in progress, then you will be required overstay fines to the immigration or exit the country till the new resident visa is issued.

How to amend a Visit Visa to a Resident Visa?

Nowadays unlike before, the applicants are able to amend the Visas electronically than filling papers and being in queues. The user-friendly step adopted by the electronic system updates your UAE visa Status automatically, once you have settled the necessary payments.

We advise you to apply for the visa status change at least 3 – 4 weeks before your current visa expiry date.

Other Visa Types allowed for inside country status change

In addition to 30 Days Single Entry – Short Visit/Tourist Visa and 90 Days Single Entry-Long Visit/Tourist Visa, the following UAE Visas are also considered for the entry visa status change in a similar manner.

  • Transit Entry
  • Entry Permits for Medical Treatment
  • Entry Permits for Study
  • Entry Permits for Exhibitions And Conferences
  • GCC Resident Entry Permit
  • Work-Related Entry Permit for 14 Days
  • Work-Related Entry Permit for 90 Days
  • Work-Related Multiple-Entry Permit
  • Entry Permit for Work or Residency
Yousif Hammadi

While being in the industry for a quite long time working with UAE Immigration Department, I have noticed what kind of information is exactly lacking in public with regards to UAE Visit Visa. Many people, mostly who are willing to come to UAE are deprived of proper details about the visa process without complications. This has led me to write about most relevant information on UAE Visit Visas including Visa types, Documentation, Immigration Procedures and frequently asked questions by the Visa applicants.