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UAE visit visa extension for Philippines Nationality

UAE Tourist Visa Extension without Exit – Inside Country Visa Now Available Now

Since the new rules by the Immigration Department is not permitting to extend or renew any type of UAE Visit Visas, it’s a mandatory requirement for you to exit the country on or before the last valid date of your visa to avoid overstay fines.

Filipinos have some better option when they want to extend their UAE tourist visa to some more days. Since they are allowed to obtain Oman Entry Permit to do the visa change, they can exit United Arab Emirates ,Enter Oman and come back to UAE with a new tourist visa.Usually, many other nationalities are not given this opportunity to enjoy the advantage of this option as the Oman Immigration Department does not entertain every nationalities to enter Oman.

For your convenience Adventure Emirates provides you three (03) Visa renewal options for Filipinos. Based on the time you have, you can decide which option you would like to go for.

Option 01

Getting the Oman Visa, Going to Oman by Bus, Staying in the Hotel till the visa is ready and returning back to UAE

Many Filipinos who are willing to do the visa change choose this visa option as it is cheaper than the other two visa options. We will advice you further about the procedure based on your situation.
In brief: you will be travelling to Oman by a bus which will be booked on behalf of you. In Oman , Al Buraimi you will be staying in a hotel until the UAE Immigration Department approves your visa.  Recently, we have introduced a convenient hotel which is located closer to the city surrounded with many Groceries and Restaurants. ( We will advice you).

The hotels in Al Buraimi comprises with the facilities such as:

  • Room space to accommodate 5-7 people
  • 3 days hotel charge will be 150 AED(this amount must pay at the day you arrive), thereon if you stay longer each day you will need to pay 50 AED per day.

Approximate Amount you would need to Spend

  • Oman entry permit – 300 AED
  • Hotel charges – You need to be paid directly to the hotel -150 AED per 3 Days Stay (after on per day 50 AED)
  • UAE Visit Visa cost (30 days or 90 days) -360 AED / 1030 AED
  • Oman border fee -35 AED (When you exit from UAE to Oman , you must pay this amount)
  • Bus fare and Food expenses – 50 AED + ( 3  meals as you wish)

Option 02

Flying to any nearest Gulf country from Sharjah Airport, Returning to Sharjah Airport and getting the New Visit Visa

If you are in a hurry to re-enter the country this option will be suiting you the most. Adventure Emirates visa consultants will be advising about the procedure very well at the time you contact them.

In gist: this visa option lets the applicant to exit UAE from Sharjah Airport and fly to Muscat or any nearest gulf country. You are not required any Oman entry permit to enter Oman or another Gulf country since you will return by the same flight to Sharjah as soon as possible (within 1-2 hours).
Once, you are back to Sharjah airport, you will be waiting at the airport (6-18 hours)until your new UAE Visa gets approved by the immigration. As soon as the visa is ready we will send the new visa to the Airport while at the same time keeping you informed. Usually, you will be able to re-enter UAE with a new 30 Days or 90 Days Visit Visa on the same day you exit UAE or the following day.

Please note that you’re required to deposit a cash deposit at the airport before the exit which will be refunded when you enter the country again. This option is available only on Sundays, Mondays & Tuesdays.

Adventure Emirates will provide you the Round-trip Ticket and UAE Visit Visa (30 Days or 90 Days).

Approximate Amount you would need to Spend

  • Airport security deposit (refundable at re-entry)
  • Round Trip Ticket to Muscat or any other Gulf Country
  • 30 Days or 90 Days UAE Emergency visa – 360 AED/ 1030 AED + Emergency Visa cost

Option 03

Obtaining inside Country Visa, Flying to any nearest Gulf Country and returning to UAE

This Visa Option allows you to get your new UAE Visit Visa before you exit United Arab Emirates. You will be going out of UAE from any airport and flying to Muscat or any other gulf country. In the same return flight you will be coming back to UAE in an hour. (No Oman Visa Required). You do not need to waste time at the Airport as the new entry permit is already in your hand.

Please note that for this option you can only obtain 90 Days Visit visas. Adventure Emirates Visa Consultants take care of booking the Roundtrip Flight Ticket and getting the 90days Visa before you depart from UAE.

Approximate Amount you would need to Spend

  • Inside Country Visa charge with 90 Days Visit Visa
  • Round-trip Ticket to Muscat or any other Gulf Country
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