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UAE Visit Visa Renewal or Extension Process for Other Nationalities


Many visit visa holders who arrive in the United Arab Emirates from Sri Lanka, India, Egypt, Lebanon, and Nepal are facing problems in extending their visas to stay longer. According to the new immigration rule, UAE immigration department is not allowing to renew or extend Tourist Visas anymore.

Even though you cannot extend the same visit visa, Adventure Emirates have some better options which will allow you to exit and re-enter the country within the same day. In simple words, we can help you to get a new UAE Visit Visa for another 30 Days or 90 Days without going back to your home country to exit the United Arab Emirates at your visa expiry.

First Option

Flying to any nearest Gulf country from Sharjah Airport, Returning to Sharjah Airport and getting the New Visit Visa

When you contact Adventure Emirates visa consultant, he/she will advise you about the procedure very well.

In brief:  This visa option lets the applicant exit UAE from Sharjah Airport and fly to Muscat or any nearest gulf country. Since you have no entry permit to enter Oman or another Gulf country, you will return to Sharjah as soon as possible (within 1-2 hours). Then, you will be waiting at the airport till we send the new visa to the Airport while informing you. Once the new visa is ready (on the same day or the next day), you will be able to come out from the airport on a new 30 Days or 90 Days Visit Visa.

Please note that you’re required to deposit a cash deposit at the airport before the exit which will be refunded when you enter the country again.  This option is available only on Sunday, Monday & Tuesday.

Adventure Emirates will provide you the Roundtrip Ticket and Visit Visa (30 Days or 90 Days).

Approximate Amount you would need to Spend

  • Airport security deposit (refundable at re-entry)
  • Round Trip Ticket to Muscat or any other Gulf Country
  • 30 Days or 90 Days UAE Emergency visa – 360 AED/ 1030 AED + Emergency Visa cost

Second Option

Obtaining “Inside Country Visa”, flying to any nearest Gulf Country and returning to UAE

This Visa Option allows you to get your new UAE Visit Visa before you exit the country. You will be exiting UAE from any airport to fly to Muscat or any other gulf country and return to UAE within an hour.

You will be not wasting time by waiting at the Airport as already you have the new entry permit to enter UAE again.

Please note that for this option you can obtain 90 Days Visit visas only. Adventure Emirates Visa Consultants will arrange a Roundtrip Flight Ticket and 90 days Visa for you.

Feel free to contact us to make your Visa extensions hustle free. It is better to plan the above-mentioned options at least 5 – 7 days before the last date of the existing UAE visit visa.

Approximate Amount you would need to Spend

  • Inside Country Visa charge with 90 Days Visit Visa
  • Round Trip Ticket to Muscat or any other Gulf Country
Yousif Hammadi

While being in the industry for a quite long time working with UAE Immigration Department, I have noticed what kind of information is exactly lacking in public with regards to UAE Visit Visa. Many people, mostly who are willing to come to UAE are deprived of proper details about the visa process without complications. This has led me to write about most relevant information on UAE Visit Visas including Visa types, Documentation, Immigration Procedures and frequently asked questions by the Visa applicants.