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Unmarried Couples in Abu Dhabi


Today I write this blog to solve the big question above to all westerners. This question is frequently asked by my European colleagues, friends in the United States and my youth besties in the Arab world, thus I thought my short blog can benefit a lot out there to not have any confusions or fear in their minds. I am being a tourist to this great country and now based in Abu Dhabi for my work purposes is always happy to share my knowledge and experience.

Can Unmarried Couples Live Together in Abu Dhabi?

Dubai has not much of been an attention on this subject as it’s very much into the social westernized culture than Abu Dhabi, but when Abu Dhabi has mentioned most of them have a doubt whether unmarried couples can live together in Abu Dhabi same as in Dubai.

As per the law in UAE if you are not married, you are not allowed to stay together. But let me come to the practical side and what really happens on a day to day lifestyle in UAE. No one is going to bother whether you are married or not unless you get yourself into any illegal business over there.

Tourists and even residents in Dubai and Abu Dhabi live together and no Police neither any authority officials are going to check whether you are truly married couples. On a daily basis many lovers, to be married, friends arrive in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and have a great time over here. The simple statement I want to say is no one cares about it.

Since Abu Dhabi is not widely spoken like Dubai people seem to have a doubt, but I would like to confirm that it is the same as Dubai. You can check-in even into a hotel together as unmarried couples without any hesitation. The only thing does not say to the receptionist that you are not married. Actually, they also know that you are not married. But Abu Dhabi is a tourist destination so they allow guests to stay together unless the customer himself states something which abides from the law.

Unmarried couples can live together even in apartments, so feel free to welcome your loved partners to Abu Dhabi for a vacation. You can feel free as your home country, but as I always say please do not express your love in public. UAE Government and Abu Dhabi being its city allows romance but as an Islamic country, public discipline is which they always seek co-operation from tourists and residents.

You might ask me how come they do not know we are married or not. The simple answer is as per the Islamic and Arab law and culture even if a lady is married she doesn’t need to mandatorily change her surname to her husband’s family name, she can carry her father’s name throughout her life. So under this concept, they do not question anyone as it becomes a breach of privacy.

The only rule and advise is do not force anyone of the opposite sex to stay with you if they are not willing to and do not encourage strangers. But your lover or fiancé has no issues staying with you. Be mindful as you cannot hold anyone responsible for anything which happens between both of you as it’s your sole responsibility. The only factor for peace living is no public disturbance and avoid quarrels. You are here to enjoy so make every moment special and memorable.

This fact of married or unmarried couples arises as a concern only if you are trying to sponsor your wife or husband under a residential visa applied as a wife or husband. Only in this criterion, you need to submit all legal marriage registration papers to obtain the visa. Other than that as a tourist, you do not have to worry about this and even as residents if you found your loved ones you are free to live together in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi welcomes all of you to enjoy a great stay in this luxurious city and all lovers, to be married boyfriends and girlfriends I hope this blog as given you confidence and a confirmation too that you as unmarried couples can live together without any obstructions in Abu Dhabi.

If you are good and well behaved no one is gonna come to interfere in your life. This is the motto of UAE and the concept of life in Abu Dhabi too.

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