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Visa Change Package Abu Dhabi

Abu dhabi A2A Visa change

UAE Tourist Visa Extension without Exit – Inside Country Visa Now Available Now

Abu Dhabi is favorite holiday destination because of its laid back pace even after the multiple developments that have modernized the city. Because of the variety of activities and entertainments in the city, travelers who wish to extend their stay in Abu Dhabi can opt for the Visa Change Package Abu Dhabi from the Abu Dhabi airport. This easy, reliable and pocket-friendly procedure is the saving grace for travelers who want to explore more of Abu Dhabi without losing much time. Our first priority is simplifying all travel procedures for our customers, we have partnered up with Gulf Air to provide our customers with a renewed visa obtained through a seamless process known as the Abu Dhabi Visa Change. For those of you who don’t know what this procedure is, continue reading. Our blog is full of important information that will help you out.

Up until today, the only Middle Eastern country that allows visitors with a visa extension in one day is UAE. If the purpose of extension is leisure travel, travelers can choose to extend with a 14-day short-term, a 30-day tourist/visit visa or a 90-day long-term visa.

Airport to Airport Visa Change Abu Dhabi

This process is popular among travelers who wish to extend their stay in UAE because of the many advantages they gain. According to statistics, around 95% of travelers prefer to extend their visa through the Visa change procedure. If you want to find out more about flight timings, procedure, the required documents and the benefits of this process, keep reading.


1700 AED  +5% VAT  = 1785 AED for 90 Days 

and 1200 AED +5% VAT =1260 AED  for 30 Days 

What is included in the Visa Change Abu Dhabi package?

The package price includes the price of a round ticket to Bahrain or Oman, the urgent visa cost ( tax 5% not included)

The eligibility criteria to obtain a Abu Dhabi Visa Change are:

  1. The applicant should hold a valid UAE tourist visa
  2. The applicant should be either a national or a citizen of an eligible country listed by Adventure Emirates.

What is the procedure for an Airport to airport Abu Dhabi Visa Change?

Departure from Abu Dhabi, UAE

  1. Purchase the Abu Dhabi Visa change package from Adventure Emirates.
  2. Adventure Emirates will issue the round ticket to Bahrain or Oman.  
  3. Try and reach the airport a minimum of 3 hours prior to your flying time.
  4. Proceed to the Gulf Air or Salam Air Counter and show them your ticket and passport. Your boarding pass will also be issued.
  5. Make your way to the immigration counter for a biometric eye scan after which the ‘exit’ seal will be stamped on your passport. If the applicant has an expired visa or has overstayed in UAE, all charges and fines must be settled.
  6. Send the exit stamp via WhatsApp to the Adventure Emirates Visa agent handling your visa renewal. This step is crucial and should not be missed in any way.
  7. Be at the boarding gate a minimum of 90 minutes before your scheduled departure. Board the flight.

Arrival at Bahrain or Oman

Disembark from the flight and connect your phone to the airport WiFi in Bahrain or Oman. Next, proceed to the waiting area and check your visa status with us and be connected via WhatsApp. As soon as the visa has been issued, we will send the issued visa copy via Whatsapp.  Head to the Gulf Air or Salam Air Counter and show the visa copy to the counter staff. Collect the boarding pass that has been issued and board the flight.

  1. Upon arrival at Bahrain or Oman International Airport, check your visa status by contacting your agent.
  2. If your visa is still being processed, kill time in the airport food court or waiting area until your agent verifies your visa status.
  3. After receiving news about your visa approval head to the Gulf Air or Salam Air counter to collect your boarding pass.
  4. Board your flight back to Abu Dhabi.

Arrival at Abu Dhabi International Airport

  1. Get off the plane and proceed to the immigration counter for the usual entry procedure.
  2. A biometric eye scan will be performed and the ‘entry’ seal will be stamped on your passport.
  3. Now you can exit Abu Dhabi airport an enjoy your extended stay.

What is the processing duration for an Abu Dhabi visa change to get approved?

The visa processing duration can vary anywhere between 6 to 48 hours for approval. If you are able to send your exit stamp to the agent before 10.00 am there is a possibility of the visa being processed quickly.

What are the supporting documents required for a successful Abu Dhabi Visa Change?

The necessary documents are:

  1. Clear passport scan of applicant’s personal details page and last page. (the passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months)
  2. Clear and colored passport size photo with white background.
  3. Residence visa page copy of guarantor .

Flight Timings

Ticket type: Economy Class

Flying days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (Depends on the availability)

Advantages of Adventure Emirates’s Abu Dhabi visa change package

The traveler who books our Abu Dhabi visa change package will experience the following benefits:

  • The individual doesn’t have to pay a high deposit amount at the Abu Dhabi international Airport for the visa change to begin.
  • Time-saving as the applicant only needs to stay out of Abu Dhabi for only a day to obtain a new UAE visa.
  • Trustworthy service
  • Immediate processing
  • Easy
  • Assistance from one of our Visa Change executives throughout the process.
  • Same day visa change is recommended by Adventure Emirates because 99.9 % of the visas we handle are processed within 24 hours.

How can I extend my tourist visa without an Abu Dhabi Visa change?

Starting from the 1st of January 2017, tourist visas won’t be extended because of misuse of the visa by jobseekers travelling to UAE. If you wish to lengthen your stay in UAE, you must opt for a Abu Dhabi Visa change, an Abu Dhabi visa change or an airport to airport Visa change Sharjah.

Please remember

  • Adventure Emirates is not held responsible for any visas rejected by the Immigration department. This decision is solely dependent on the Immigration department and cannot be influenced.
  • If the applicant has overstayed with the previous visa, the fines should be paid by the applicant or the sponsor of the applicant.
  • This service is available only for individuals from specific countries.


Has the UAE government approved the Abu Dhabi visa change for visa renewal?

Yes, the UAE government is aware of the percentage of visitors who need a visa extension. Earlier, visa extension procedures were lengthy, expensive and time consuming due to the rules that governed the visas. Most visas require the holder to leave the UAE to their home country/residing country before applying for a new visa. This pricey and time-wasting process has been easily shortened to the Abu Dhabi visa change procedure.

What is the Abu Dhabi Visa Change service?

The Abu Dhabi visa change service is a hassle-free renewal procedure for tourist visas. This process allows the individual to renew or extend their 30 or 90-day visa in just a day. This is made possible by the individual exiting Abu Dhabi airport and staying at Bahrain or Oman airport until the visa is issued and fly back to Abu Dhabi within the same day.

From where does the Abu Dhabi visa change procedure take place?

The Abu Dhabi visa change procedure begins at the Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Which visas are renewable with the Abu Dhabi Visa Change service?

The visas that can be renewed are the 30-day tourist and 90-day long term visas.

Does the Abu Dhabi Visa Change have an express service?

This is an express procedure as it reduces the period of visa processing and renewal from 2 days to 1 day.

Can we choose an Abu Dhabi Visa Change by bus rather than flying?

No, it is not possible to do this process via road.

Can I request an Abu Dhabi Visa Change without exit from Abu Dhabi?

This option is only allowed for individuals visiting UAE for medical treatment and hospitalization. This service requires the individual to hand over all medical certificates and proof that the individual is unable to travel.

The visa change is only available in Abu Dhabi ?

Dubai visa change and Sharjah visa change possible too. Arooha Tours (Our parent company) is the first company introduced visa change in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Why Abu Dhabi Visa change is easier than Sharjah Visa change ?

Those who lives in Abu Dhabi & Dubai do not need to travel 2-3 hours to go Dubai or Sharjah to do their visa change to extend their stay 

Yousif Hammadi

While being in the industry for a quite long time working with UAE Immigration Department, I have noticed what kind of information is exactly lacking in public with regards to UAE Visit Visa. Many people, mostly who are willing to come to UAE are deprived of proper details about the visa process without complications. This has led me to write about most relevant information on UAE Visit Visas including Visa types, Documentation, Immigration Procedures and frequently asked questions by the Visa applicants.