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Visa Change Package – All UAE Airports (Updated July 2018)

Those who are in UAE on a visit visa, intending to stay bit longer; may opt for our Visa Change Package with exit from your nearest UAE city airport. Read below to find-out the ideal option for you :
Visa Change Package

UAE Tourist Visa Extension without Exit – Inside Country Visa Now Available Now

Visa change is easier as long as you choose the right responsible company who has well-experience in providing best fitting visa change option at your nearest UAE Airport.

Why Adventure Emirates – Airport to Airport visa change

  • Facility for visa change from Abu DhabiDubai and Sharjah Airport
  • Emergency visa service – We provide the new visa immediately on the same day (for almost all the nationalities) – 30 or 90 Days Tourist Visa  (Usually in 4 – 6 hours time)
  • No Security Deposit
  • Departure and Return tickets to nearest Gulf country( Oman , Bahrain , Kuwait)
  • Service of A-A Visa change carrier partners including Gulf Air, Jazeera Airways , Air Arabia, Fly Dubai)
  • We provide step by step Complete guidance throughout the process 

Why Airport to Airport Visa change, why not bus?

Airport to Airport visa change is an easy comparing to the exit by bus; which involves hustle  of  obtaining entry permit &  gotta stay back in UAE boarder for long hours  and days.

That’s why A2A visa is much better!

A2A package is suitable for 3 types of applicants 

1) UAE  resident visa cancelled one’s who are currently in their grace period
2) UAE visit /tourist visa holders who are thinking to stay further 

3) New born babies OR Kids who are on tourist visa

UAE cancelled resident visa holders

Those who got cancelled resident visa from their employment/ sponsor and  currently in their 1 month grace period can obtain new tourist visa to return to UAE within the same day and stay further.

UAE Tourist visa holders

Those who already in visit visa / tourist visa might be wanting stay longer with your family members or needing some more days to find a job,  this package will suit you!

New born babies OR Kids entered UAE on tourist visa while parents hold resident visa

Newly born babies for the parent/parents who hold resident visa. can obtain a 30 days or 90 days tourist visa through A-A visa change and extend the stay in UAE ( within the 1 month grace period given) – keep in mind  one of the parent must  accompany the baby during this visa change exit from respective airport in United Arab Emirates.

Kids who entered UAE on a tourist visa and willing to stay some more days without going all the way back to home-country can get the advantage of this visa renewal option from any of the 3 cities airports where A-A visa change is possible.

In addition to that whom so ever hoping to apply resident visa ,but not having enough time left to get it done before the current tourist visa expire, may absolutely enjoy the benefit of this visa change avoiding long distance travel back to your country or overstay fines. Once you get the new visa and return to UAE can apply the resident visas for your kids without any tension.

Better to Know:  during this process , exceptionally when applying only kids visa either mother or father of the kid need to accompany the child (parents having resident visa)

All visa change package Options in UAE 

ABU DHABI Visa change Package

For those who staying  in and around Abu Dhabi city, the best option to extend your stay in UAE is  Abu Dhabi Airport A-A visa change. As per your  intention of stay in UAE can obtain 30 days or 90 days Urgently processed visa

Depend on flight availability for the particular date you prefer, you can do the exit to the nearest Gulf country from Abu Dhabi (AUH) international airport terminal and return back with the new visa to stay further

AUH Visa change Package Rates

Normal nationality passport holders ( except Pakistani, Some of the African nationals , Some of the Arabic nationals)

30 days Urgent Visa with flight tickets – 1200 AED

90 days Urgent Visa with flight tickets – 1700 AED

Exceptional rates will be applied for certain nationalities , New-born babies, Underage kids, Overage Adults etc. You can contact us for the further details about the best rates

Abu Dhabi Visa change Package Step By Step Guide in UAE

Make sure you are at the AUH airport terminal at least 7 AM -7.30 AM in the morning (The earlier you go, the earlier you get the visa)

  • Once you enter the airport terminal , if you haven’t received the online boarding pass, Proceed to the check in counter of the respective airline –collect your boarding pass and OK TO PAX VISA CHANGE seal
  • Immigration counter – Bio matrix Eye scan and get the “Exit “seal stamped in your passport ( if in case e-gate exit you will be getting the e-gate sticker pasted)
  • Take a clear photo of the exit stamp/e-gate sticker with passport page , boarding pass and send it in WhatsApp +971552734009 /+971 56 408 0196/ +971 54 792 1115 OR email
  • Then, wait for your departure flight at the airport terminal, board-in and fly out
  • Once you landed to the nearest gulf country, YOU ARE ONLY A TRANSIT PASSENGER– so walk down to the transit passenger’s waiting area for the visa ready notification
  • Once the visa is ready we will send the copy in WhatsApp
  • Then, proceed to the airlines check in counter, show you approved new visa in mobile and collect your return boarding pass and  wait for the flight boarding for the return flight to Abu Dhabi
  • Return to Abu Dhabi , proceed to the immigration counter , complete eye scan and get entry stamp seal OR Entry through e-gate

Important :Visa processing time 2- 6 hours depending on immigration approval committee, exceptions can take place if your passport goes to immigration security check or the CID check or any other remark under your passport in the immigration system ( 2018 July Updated)

Make sure if you have applied any resident visa before the visa change OR experienced any visa rejection during the time your staying in UAE – must be informed to us when the time you send the documents to us ( Hiding this kind of information will course inconveniences as visa approval dully by the respective immigration department)

Picture Guide

Initially, upon your payment for this package  the ticket copy will be received

One day prior to the selected date of visa change , we will forward you the boarding pass

Send us the exit stamp  as soon as you pass the Abu Dhabi airport immigration

Show the visa copy at Bahrain airport check-in counter and collect your boarding pass

DUBAI Visa change Package

DXB airport exit visa change is a better option for someone who  stay in close proximity to Dubai airport. Most frequent flight timings, moreover the availability of number of diffident carrier airways might make you to decide this as the appropriate option among the other two cities.

Nevertheless, Dubai airport A2A visa also follows the same procedure as AUH visa change with some important exceptions. So once you decide which airport visa change you wants to go ahead with, accordingly Adventure Emirates’s visa executive staff will advice you the steps that you need to follow at the Dubai airport terminal.

DXB Visa change Package Rates

Normal passport holders ( except Pakistani, Some of the African nationals , Some of the Arabic nationals)

30 days Urgent Visa with flight tickets – 1200 AED

90 days Urgent Visa with flight tickets – 1700 AED

Exceptional rates applicable for specified  nationalities , Underage kids, Overage Adults. For further exact details you may get in touch with our Dubai A-A visa change executive officer.

Dubai Visa change Package Step By Step Guide in UAE

You have to reach the airport terminal ( will be advised ) , at-least 3 hours prior to the flight timing
(The earlier you go and send us exit stamp and boarding pass photos, the earlier you will get
the visa)
Thus, this option only allowed for authorized and partnered agents , specific seal which we stamp in your ticket copy  will be checked at the airport check-in counter. Take a print our of the copy and go to the airport on time

  • Reach Dubai airport T1 or T2  as informed to you by AE Representative staff , go to airlines counter in particular terminal in DXB Airport for the check-in with your original passport and ticket copy
  • Collect your boarding passes
  • Proceed to the immigration counter to get the exit stamp and do the eye scan ( if it’s e-gate
    exit you might not get exit stamp )
  • Take clear photos of the boarding passes and exit stamp full page of passport and
    what’s app  +971 56 408 0196/+971552734009 / +971 54 792 1115 OR email to ( must send before you leave Dubai)
  •  The proceed to departure gate and wait for your flight , board in and fly out
  • In Oman /Bahrain/ Kuwait– you will be only a transit passenger. So proceed to the transit passenger waiting area
  •  As soon as your visa is ready , the visa copy will be what’s app to you
  •  Proceed to the return flight check in counter , show your approved UAE visa from the
    mobile and collect your return boarding pass
  • Wait at departure gate, board in to the flight and fly back to Dubai
  • Arrive Dubai airport, proceed to the immigration counter , do the eye scan , show your
    visa in mobile and get the Entry stamp

Picture Guide

Receive your flight ticket from the respective A2A visa executive and take print out of the ticket when you go to respective Dubai airport terminal














Collect your boarding pass from the Airlines counter in Dubai airport terminal 1 or 2


Send the exit stamp of E-gate exit sticker to apply the new visa

Once, your visa approved and ready , expect the copy in WhatsApp

How to reach to Dubai Airport 

Abu Dhabi to Dubai Bus Timings

Chauffeur Service Abu Dhabi to Dubai

SHARJAH Visa change Package

Perhaps, you are staying in Sharjah or Ras Al Khaimah or other Emirate city except Abu Dhabi and Dubai. If you are a such kind of person, Shrajah visa change might be the best fit. Comparatively this seems to be a  cheaper option at package cost but when it comes to total charges including Airport service charge, Visa collection charge at airport  and travelling cost etc  it’s not a compatible option like  Abu Dhabi visa change and Dubai visa change in UAE.

Visa change Package Rates

1) Normal nationalities (Excluding Philippines, Pakistani & African countries) with the an appropriate age (Age above 21 years old)

 30 days urgent visa with flight ticket – 1200 AED

90 days urgent visa with flight ticket – 1600 AED

2) Please contact our office about the applicants of Philippines, Pakistani, African countries & those who are under age for the rates

Sharjah Visa change Package Step By Step Guide in UAE

Make sure you are at Sharjah Airport Hala counter by at least 7.00 -8.00 am in the morning (The earlier you go and send us the exit stamp, the earlier you will get the visa!). We will be not responsible if in case you go there late and send us exit stamp late to apply visa as in such cases you will be needing to stay overnight at the airport if the visas didn’t approve due to the submission delay.

  1. Once you enter the airport, go to the 2nd floor Hala counter (Just ask the security guards if you cannot find the Hala counter.) Submit the print out of your flight ticket along with the airport service charge and your passport. They will attached a receipt on the ticket and give it back to you. Airport service fee is 105 AED please keep it ready.
  2. Then, proceed to the Check in counters in the 1st floor
  3. Be in the line, check in and get your boarding passes
  4. After on, go to the immigration counter, get the exit stamp in your passport ( if it’s e-gate exit, you will not get any exit stamp in the passport)
  5. The exit stamp and boarding passes must be WhatsApp or email to us on +971 54 792 1115 /+971 55 273 4009 for us to clear your exit and apply the new UAE visa
  6. Go to the departure gate or wait at the restaurant area until your departure gate open for boarding (usually 1- 1.30 hour before flight departure time you will be boarding)
  7. Fly out to nearest Gulf country.
  8. Once you reach the nearest gulf country note that you are a transit passenger only , follow the other passengers who goes for visa change to proceed to the return flight departure gate directly (DO NOT GO ANY IMMIGRATION COUNTERS TO ENTER THAT COUNTY)
  9. Once you return to Sharjah airport back again, if we already sent you the visa: you can go to Visa collection counter and pay the print out fee 40 AED.
  10. By the time once you return if the visa not ready, you will need to wait at the waiting area till it get approved. Once we send the visa, you can go to Visa collection counter and pay printout fee.
  11. Then, you can go to the immigration counter, Get the entry stamp at the passport (e-gate entry now entry stamp)-  Now a days at Sharjah Airport if the visa approved they are letting you go exit from airport directly without getting the visa (October 2017 Update)

Picture Guide

The flight ticket with Visa change and No security  deposit stamp

Sample ticket for Visa changeYou need to send the exit stamp to us taking a image from your mobile as this

Exit Stamp sending for Visa change package

Boarding pass ( you must send the images of both boarding passes)

Sending boarding pass

How to Reach Sharjah Airport

The best way to Reach Sharjah Airport is Air Arabia bus service. You must visit Air Arabia office in advance (24 hours Advance) to book the bus ticket.

Those who is live in Abu Dhabi and needing a visa change package can book the bus after we send you the flight ticket copy.

Bus Timing from Abu Dhabi 

Abu DhabiSharjah03.00 AM05.30 AM
SharjahAbu Dhabi08.15 AM11.00 AM
Abu DhabiSharjah08.30 AM10.45 AM
SharjahAbu Dhabi12.30 PM14.45 PM
Abu DhabiSharjah15.30 PM18.00 PM
SharjahAbu Dhabi19.00 PM22.00 PM
Abu DhabiSharjah17.00 PM19.30 PM
SharjahAbu Dhabi21.00 PM23.30 PM

Frequently asked question

1) Can I change my visit visa to work visa (without exit) in UAE?

Yes, you can change the visit visa to work visa without going out from UAE. There is a procedure in UAE immigration called status change which will get you the in & out stamp by the fee of 570 AED (155 USD)

2) Can I do an Oman visa change/run on a tourist visa?

Yes you can. But not only Oman you can go also to other nearest gulf countries. But, we recommend doing Abu Dhabi airport to airport visa change 2018 package as we guarantee the visa process. Also, if you are prefer Dubai  airport to airport visa change or Sharjah airport to airport visa change.

Philippine nationals can do visa change to Oman by road, But than troublesome exit by bus passing boarders and 3-4 days hassle stays outside UAE , Airport exit visa change will save your time and money

3) Is a UAE Tourist visa still valid after a change of passport number?

No, you have to apply new UAE e-visa. You might have a new passport due to renewal or lose of previous passport, as long as the passport number in the UAE visa is not the new valid passport number you will need to cancel the previous tourist visa before travel and apply a new tourist visa with the new passport.

4) What’s the UAE visa process time for UAE visa change?

Usually normal tourist visa processing takes 2-4 working days but when you opt for Visa change Package through us, we will deliver on the same day just in 2-6 hours. Pakistani , Philippine, Indonesian national’s male visas might take up to 24 hours processing time depends with the immigration approval ,in that case the visa will be issued on the next day morning only. However , Adventure Emirates team will keen on keeping you updated in each step of visa processing and try to get the visa issued with the best minimum time

5) What’s the UAE tourist visa extension fee?

There is no extension for any UAE Tourist Visas, you must exit and come. Even though there are rumors about possibility of visa extensions for 3 months and 6 months ,   merely it’s a fake news only. Not yet in practice and implemented by the government. So still the exit for a particular tourist visa at expiry / cancelled resident visa end of grace period is a must

6) Can tourist visa be converted to employment visa in UAE?    

Absolutely, the UAE tourist visa what you will receive during A to A exit  Abu Dhabi visa change can be changed to employment visa in UAE within the stay of the given tourist visa

The employment visa has to be applied and ready before the tourist visa expiry date. If you will need to exit the country and wait outside till the new tourist visa is issued.                              

7) How to change visa profession in UAE tourist visa?

The profession mention in the UAE tourist visa is mostly a common/general profession which is accepted by the immigration.

Since, tourist visa holders are considered as non-workers the profession mentioned in the visa will not make any issue for traveler.

Even, if someone intending to change the tourist visa to resident visa, the profession mention in the tourist visa do not effect for the profession on your resident visa.

8) What are the Oman exit / Bahrain exit visa rules from Abu Dhabi during A2A visa procedure?    

  • Must clear the overstay fines if there is any before the exit
  • Must reach airport 2-3 hours prior to departure time
  • The ticket and the package should be purchased from a authorized A-A Visa change agent

9) Which immigration will issue my UAE visa?  

UAE visas are commonly issued by Abu Dhabi immigration, Dubai immigration and Sharjah immigration, . The processing time and the visa cost of the each immigration are different.

Even through your exit from Abu Dhabi  visa might issued by Dubai and Sharjah immigration as well. In the same manner Dubai exited passenger might issued by Abu Dhabi immigration while Sharjah airport exited passenger visa issued by Abu Dhabi or Dubai or else Sharjah immigration. This will be depend on  facts such as visa quota availability, fast visa approval and easy processing

10) What should I bring on the day of to A-A UAE visa change ?

You need to take your original passport, printed copy of your ticket copy, Boarding pass copy ( if we provide it before hand)

Abu Dhabi and Dubai airport visa change package flights mostly included branch or some snacks unlike Sharjah airport flight . But its better to carry a small water bottle with you

Fully charged mobile with data ( mostly international airports provide WIFI) , your power bank and mobile charger ( Because you need to send us the exit stamp before you leave UAE airport and We will send you the approved UAE visa via WhatsApp or Email)


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