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Visa Change Package – Sharjah Airport (Updated May 2018)

Those who are in UAE on a visit visa intending to stay bit longer may opt for our Visa Change Package. The package included the below :
Visa Change Package

Emergency visa service ( visa on same  Day Visa Service in 8-18 hours for normal nationalities) – 30 or 90 days Visit Visa
Security Deposit
Departure and return ticket to nearest gulf country  (Mostly it will be visa change Oman by air, Kuwait by air or Bahrain by air)
Complete guidance

Click here to see Abu Dhabi Visa change package details

This package is suitable for 2 categories of applicants :

1) UAE cancelled resident visa holders (Whose resident visa is cancelled and in the 1 month grace period)
2) UAE visit visa holders ( who visa is about to expire)

UAE cancelled resident visa holders

Those who got cancelled visa with their employment and intended to stay in UAE to find a new job may opt for this package

UAE visit visa holders

Those who already in visit visa might be wanting stay longer with your family members or needing some more days to find the job,  this package will suit you!


1) Normal nationalities (Excluding Philippines, Pakistani & African countries) with the an appropriate age (Age above 21 years old) – 90 days 2250 AED & 30 days 1550 AED
2) Please contact our office about the applicants of Philippines, Pakistani, African countries & those who are under age for the rates

Visa change Package Step By Step Guide in Sharjah Airport

Make sure you are at Sharjah Airport Hala counter by at least 7.00 -8.00 am in the morning (The earlier you go and send us the exit stamp, the earlier you will get the visa!). We will be not responsible if in case you go there late and send us exit stamp late to apply visa as in such cases you will be needing to stay overnight at the airport if the visas didn’t approve due to the submission delay.

  1. Once you enter the airport, go to the 2nd floor Hala counter (Just ask the security guards if you cannot find the Hala counter.) Submit the print out of your flight ticket along with the airport service charge and your passport. They will attached a receipt on the ticket and give it back to you. Airport service fee is 100 AED please keep it ready
  2. Then, proceed to the Check in counters in the 1st floor
  3. Be in the line, check in and get your boarding passes
  4. After on, go to the immigration counter, get the exit stamp in your passport ( if it’s e-gate exit, you will not get any exit stamp in the passport)
  5. The exit stamp and boarding passes must be WhatsApp or email to us on +971 55 273 4009 for us to clear your exit and apply the new UAE visa
  6. Go to the departure gate or wait at the restaurant area until your departure gate open for boarding (usually 1- 1.30 hour before flight departure time you will be boarding)
  7. Fly out to nearest Gulf country.
  8. Once you reach the nearest gulf country note that you are a transit passenger only , follow the other passengers who goes for visa change to proceed to the return flight departure gate directly (DO NOT GO ANY IMMIGRATION COUNTERS TO ENTER THAT COUNTY)
  9. Once you return to Sharjah airport back again, if we already sent you the visa: you can go to Visa collection counter and pay the print out fee 40 AED.
  10. By the time once you return if the visa not ready, you will need to wait at the waiting area till it get approved. Once we send the visa, you can go to Visa collection counter and pay printout fee.
  11. Then, you can go to the immigration counter, Get the entry stamp at the passport (e-gate entry now entry stamp)-  Now a days at Sharjah Airport if the visa approved they are letting you go exit from airport directly without getting the visa (October 2017 Update)

Picture Guide

The flight ticket with Visa change and No security  deposit stamp

Sample ticket for Visa changeYou need to send the exit stamp to us taking a image from your mobile as this

Exit Stamp sending for Visa change package

Boarding pass ( you must send the images of both boarding passes)

Sending boarding pass

How to Reach Sharjah Airport

The best way to Reach Sharjah Airport is Air Arabia bus service. You must visit Air Arabia office in advance (24 hours Advance) to book the bus ticket.

Those who is live in Abu Dhabi and needing a visa change package can book the bus after we send you the flight ticket copy.

Bus Timing from Abu Dhabi 

From To Departure Arrival
Abu Dhabi Sharjah 03.00 AM 05.30 AM
Sharjah Abu Dhabi 08.15 AM 11.00 AM
Abu Dhabi Sharjah 08.30 AM 10.45 AM
Sharjah Abu Dhabi 12.30 PM 14.45 PM
Abu Dhabi Sharjah 15.30 PM 18.00 PM
Sharjah Abu Dhabi 19.00 PM 22.00 PM
Abu Dhabi Sharjah 17.00 PM 19.30 PM
Sharjah Abu Dhabi 21.00 PM 23.30 PM

Frequently asked question

1) Can I change my visit visa to work visa (without exit) in UAE?

Yes, you can change the visit visa to work visa without going out from UAE. There is a procedure in UAE immigration called status change which will get you the in & out stamp by the fee of 570 AED (155 USD)

2) Can I do an Oman visa change/run on a tourist visa?

Yes you can. But not only Oman you can go also to other nearest gulf countries. But, we recommend doing Sharjah airport to airport visa change 2017 package as we guarantee the visa process.                         As an alternative Philippine nationals can do visa change to Oman by road, but it’s a longer process that you will be needing travel longer and wait.

3) Is a UAE Tourist visa still valid after a change of passport number?

No, you have to apply new UAE e-visa. You might have a new passport due to renewal or lose of previous passport, as long as the passport number in the UAE visa is not the new valid passport number you will need to cancel the previous tourist visa before travel and apply a new tourist visa with the new passport.

4) What’s the UAE visa process time for Sharjah visa change?

Usual visa processing takes 2-4 working days but when you opt for Visa change Package through us we will deliver on the same day. Pakistani , Philippine, Indonesian national’s male visas might take 24 hours processing time in that case the visa will be issued on the next day morning only.

5) What’s the UAE tourist visa extension fee?

There is no extension for any UAE Tourist Visas, you must exit and come

6) Can tourist visa be converted to employment visa in UAE?    

Absolutely, the UAE tourist visa what you will receive during A to A exit Sharjah visa change can be changed to employment visa in UAE.

The employment visa has to be applied and ready before the tourist visa expiry date. Of you will need to exit the country and wait outside till the new tourist visa is issued.                              

7) How to change visa profession in UAE tourist visa?

The profession mention in the UAE tourist visa is mostly a common/general profession which is accepted by the immigration.

Since, tourist visa holders are considered as non-workers the profession mentioned in the visa will not make any issue for traveler.

Even, if someone intending to change the tourist visa to resident visa, the profession mention in the tourist visa do not effect for the profession on your resident visa.

8) What are the Oman exit visa rules from Sharjah?    

The Sharjah visa change is handling by the Hala services and Sharjah airport.

The airport rules will be applicable for sharjah exit option as well.

9) Which immigration will issue my UAE visa?  

UAE visas are commonly issued by Dubai immigration, Sharjah immigration, and Abu Dhabi immigration. The processing time and the visa cost of the each immigration are different.

For the Sharjah exit Oman visa change, visas issued by Dubai and Sharjah immigration only. Dubai immigration visas are more flexible and faster than the Sharjah immigration issued visas.

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