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Abu Dhabi Visa Rates

No hidden charges, security deposits, we promise you to give the lowest rates for Abu Dhabi visit visa fees
Normal Tourist Visa (2-3 Working days)
UAE Visa Type All Inclusive Rates
4 days Visa 200 AED
14 days Visa 320 AED
30 Days Visa 330 AED
90 Days Visa 845 AED
Getting new visa
UAE Visa Type All Inclusive Rates
30 Days Extension 950 AED
30 days Inside country 1900 AED
90 days Inside country 2300 AED
30 Days Airport to Airport visa Change 1150 AED
90 Days Airport to Airport visa Change 1550 AED

* We Serve All Nationalities with different terms (Pakistan, Nigeria, All African Countries, Syria, Palestine, Tunisia & Morocco) & contact us for more details

* Terms and Conditions Apply

*Urgent visas will be done upon requests

Visa for Abu Dhabi

Adventure Emirates’ local Abu Dhabi office assists local residents who are willing to take visa for Abu Dhabi to bring their family and friends Of course, we do understand that you have a little hesitation to provide your personal travel documents to an unknown. Worries apart! Adventure Emirates is not a stranger at all.
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We have 14 offices in 3 countries & 3 offices in UAE. Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah.

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We provide visa within 2-4 working days, urgent visas in 24-48 hours


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Abu Dhabi Visa Process


Each UAE visas has got 60 days validity before enter UAE, so plan early to avoid the last minute tension and contact us for more details if needed


You can visit our office or hotels desks in Abu Dhabi and make the payment or you can ask a payment link and pay easy


We provide visas only to family members and professionals , so we need the applicant clear color scan passport copy and the reference person's UAE residence

Visa Ready

Get your e-Visa through email or whatsapp and start the flight booking. Make sure you do ok to board if necessary


There is no extension facility UAE Visa, you should need to exit UAE on or before the last date of your tourist visa or grace period after cancelling the resident visa

The 1st day overstay fine will be 350 AED and from the second day onwards, you will be needing pay 100 AED

If you want to apply an emergency visa to a applicant who is already outside UAE. You can apply the visa by contacting specialized travel agency who can do Urgent Tourist visas. Usually in 1-2 working days

If you overstay for more than 10 days after your tourist visa expire, UAE immigration department will listed you as a ‘missing person’.

Please make sure to exit UAE accordingly on 13th or, 29th or 89th day, if you are respectively on a 14 day visa or 1 month visa or 3 months visas

Visa for Abu Dhabi

The Guidance of Visa for Abu Dhabi

How to Obtain the Visa for Abu Dhabi

With years of experience, we assure your visa done fast with ease. These days UAE has adopted e-Government and all the visas applications are submitted via online. All your visa application will be typed by our office PRO and we will be delivering the visas through E-mailwithin 48-72 hours (Terms & condition apply)

Documents needed to apply for a Abu Dhabi Visa

We need only the Clear Color Scanned Passport Copy of the applicant, along with the Referee’s UAE Resident Visa copy. Please note that the visa Applicant’s Passport must be valid for more than 6 months.

Validity of Abu Dhabi Visas

All UAE visas have 60 days (2 months) validity to enter the country from the visa issued date. If you are unable to enter the country within that validity period, the visa will be automatically considered as invalid and you must apply for a new visa to enter the county again

On Arrival Visa for Abu Dhabi

If you belong to one of the below listed countries, you are eligible to obtain “UAE On Arrival Visa”.

Visa for Abu Dhabi from Australia, Andorra, Brunei, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Monaco, New Zealand, San Marino, South Korea, Singapore, United States of America (USA)United Kingdom (UK)& Vatican City : Eligible to obtain “UAE On Arrival Visa” & allows you to directly fly to any airport in UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or Sharjah) and get a 30 Days entry Visa stamped at the immigration counter upon arrival without any payment (free)

Visa for Abu Dhabi from Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, France, Finland, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Seychelles, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Slovenia : Eligible to obtain 90 Days UAE On arrival Visa with the feature of multiple entry & its valid for 6 months for a stay of 90 days in total.

All above mentioned nationality passport holders are entitled to apply a paid pre-arrival visa, once the “on-arrival 90 days visa” has been fully utilized or they are willing to obtain a visa before the arrival. Adventure Emirates is experienced in assisting these nationals in getting visa.

Can I get a visa renewal ?

Non of the UAE visit visa can be renewed or extended. You must exit the country to re-enter the country with the new visa.

Source : Adventure Emirates Visa team

How to Apply online visa for GCC residents?

Sadly, now you cannot apply visa Online if you are a GCC residents. From 29th April 2016 onwards all GCC resident permit holders needs to apply a pre-paid visa before arriving to Abu Dhabi as long as you are not holding on arrival nationality passport (Refer the list above).
Also, according to the UAE ministry of Foreign affairs, UAE call off a diplomatic ties with State of Qatar. No longer, Qatar residents are able to fly to Abu Dhabi directly from Qatar. Therefore those who planning to visit UAE from Qatar will need to take alternative flying routes to arrive UAE such as Oman, Bahrain or Armenia. As long as you are in the list of needing a visa, you must pre apply and get the visa before you travel.

Source : Khaleej times & The national

Are Indians given visa on arrival at Abu Dhabi airport?

Luckily Yes, From 1st of May 2017 onwards Indians who have normal passport with 6 months validity with green card visa or visit visa issued by the USA which has at least 6 months visa validity can obtain 14 days on arrival visa. Also, the other good news is you can extend the visa by another 14 days if you are willing to. Sadly, Indian nationals those who do not have valid American visa cannot enjoy this facility and they will need to apply visa before to visit Abu Dhabi

Source : Gulf News

Can I sponsor my Brother or family members for a visit visa in Abu Dhabi?

Simple answer is ‘Yes you can’. UAE residents can request and obtain UAE visa for the first and second degree relatives only. In order to obtain this, you will need to visit Abu Dhabi General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs directly. As long as you have all the required documents and certificates, you will be able to get it done. Your “salary” is a specific requirement for this and it should not less than 4000 AED or 3000 AED with Accommodation by the employment.

Source: General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs - Abu Dhabi (GDRFA)

Visa for Abu Dhabi

Additional Visa information

Women traveling to Abu Dhabi

No doubt, the number of women travelling to Abu Dhabi has a head to head improvement over years. Usually, free individual traveler who are not belongs to the on arrival list of countries, should fulfill 21 years or above age requirement. There are some exceptions for nationalities including Morocco which has to be above 31 years.
As an Islamic country with a great respect for the women, Abu Dhabi allows ladies seldom the freedom as one of the safest land in the world. But, woman travelers need to be careful about their dressing, behavior and activities.

Transit visa for Abu Dhabi

The stopover passengers and the guests who are willing come to Abu Dhabi, can obtain Transit Visa for Abu Dhabi. Most common Transit visa is 14 days visa which is considered as short term visa. Other than that 96 hours that is limitedly available to obtain through certain Airlines.
All the transit passengers who change the flights to travel to some other destination not needed any Abu Dhabi visa as long as they do not enter the country via immigration. If you are a passenger from an on arrival country, you have the advantage of getting on arrival visa to see around the Abu Dhabi city during the transit stay.

Abu Dhabi family visa requirements

Abu Dhabi family visa requirements are applicable for each applicants applied under a family member's sponsorship. It can be your wife, husband, children, mother or father. The basic requirement is one of the family member has Resident visa with a salary above 3500 AED as basic salary with a tenancy contract under the sponsor's name.
Initially after opening an Immigration file under the name of the sponsor, you can get prepared with the other documents such attested certificates , Passport copies , Valid Emirates ID, White background photographs etc. Through authorized typing center you can get the assistance further

UAE Visa Status Change

UAE visa status change means changing the visa status to a new resident visa while being inside the country on visit visa without exit. The cost required to pay will be 550 AED, then immigration will place an in & out stamp If you are on a tourist /visit/ leisure visa, before the last date of the previous visa the resident visa has to be ready. Then, your employer/sponsor has to do the status change for you.

If the visa sponsor is not willing to do the status change, you will be needing to go out of UAE and come back again using the new resident visa

Source : Gulf News

Abu Dhabi transit visa for Indians

Abu Dhabi Transit Visa for Indians has to be applied before the arrival. The 14 days visa is the most common transit visa type that you can apply for your guests come from India for a short visit.

Recently, Indian passport holders who have valid USA visa are permitted by the immigration to entitle with 14 days on-arrival visa for Abu Dhabi. That’s good news for all Indian nationals who have American visa on Indian passport, as they can enjoy visiting Abu Dhabi without applying any visa before.

UAE visit visa extension

Those who visit Abu Dhabi on a tourist visa for Abu Dhabi 14 days or 30 days or even 90 days, are sometimes seeking the ways to do UAE visit visa extension to stay some more time in Abu Dhabi. But, as per the immigration department, there are no extensions for any tourist visa. The exit on or before the last date from the date of entry is a must.
If you apply any UAE resident visa, it must be ready and status change has to be done before the last date of tourist visa. Otherwise applicant must exit the country and wait till the resident visa approve.

OK to Board Message

Okey to Board Message (OKB) is a travel essential for Asian nationals whose flight tickets have been booked from UAE in online or through a travel agent.
Sri Lankan, Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi need the Ok to board message to update PRN in the system before they travel. Some airlines do not require any ok to board to pay and get it done .Emirates, Etihad and Jet airways you can simply drop an email free of charge.
Airlines such as Sri Lankan, Air India, Spice jet, Air India express, Air Arabia, Oman air, Gulf air, and Indigo, Kuwait air

Family visit visa

Family visit visa for UAE can be applied in two ways. First is applying through your sponsorship. Second is applying through a travel agent. Many of the UAE residents prefer to apply their family visas via a reliable travel agency as its hustle free and fast.
If you are applying the visa under your sponsorship, you will need to visit immigration and submit all the documents which they required along with a security deposit and application fee. If you are applying through a company who apply visa, it will be lesser documents that you apply by your own

UAE visit visa rules

UAE visit visa rules are important in getting the visas approved. The immigration department is the ultimate body who approves and issue visas to visit UAE.
There are certain restrictions for nationalities in applying UAE visa for security reasons. Also, age limit, profession and previous visa history will be considered by the immigration to issue a visa for a visitor.
The on-arrival countries are eligible to get 30 days on arrival visa with no extension. They must exit the country on or before the 30th days. Other nationals can apply 14 days/30 days/90 days visit visas. (UAE Tourist Visa Rejection Reasons)

Apply uae visit visa online

Many people do not know that they can apply UAE visit visa online. When applying the visas applications online, you will need to submit scan color documents as per the guidelines.
The processing time will be varying as per the nationality, age and gender from 2 days to 14 days. The visa application status you track through the ednrd system or contacting immigration department hotline.
Applying online visa through a travel agency is faster and secure as they are taking care the visa process. You just need to give them the documents and do the visa payment only

Abu Dhabi Visa Status Check

Abu Dhabi visa status check can be done online. Otherwise you can contact the immigration department directly if you have the application number with you.

If you apply the visa through a visa service providing company, they will have ednrd login as the visa sponsor. They can track down and download the visa for you. Since its electronic visa (e-visa) it’s already updated in the system once it’s approved.

If the visa is applied online by yourself or some other company, then except the same person or company, the other agencies cannot track your Abu Dhabi visa status.

Visa for Abu Dhabi

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