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Visit Atlantis The Palm Dubai

Atlantis, The Palm Dubai is the place where water meets wonder. I having started my early career in the Resort Operations of Atlantis and have always heard of all the guests saying that it’s another world.
Atlantis The Palm

Visit Atlantis Dubai for Free 

This is one of the iconic locations in Dubai for the architectural building. Many feel a pride visiting this building and taking photographs. Atlantis and Burj al Arab are the only 2 hotels in Dubai where a guest cannot easily walk in without a reservation.

This blog will give you the best tips which I am going to share for all the tourists to get the benefits of Atlantis for free and not go back without any disappointments.

The Spectacular Building

Atlantis, The Palm holds more than 1500 rooms and is the only hotel in Dubai with 100% occupancy. The building is a site where all global tourists visit to see. Taking a photograph in front of Atlantis is worth a thousand dollars for many travelers as it is a dream come true to see such a magnificent hotel. When you see it, trust me you will be speechless.

Atlantis The Palm

The Avenues

Entering into the lobby of Atlantis, The Palm is not possible without a room reservation or a restaurant reservation and the security over there is very tight. But you have the Avenues where you can visit. This is the entrance for the Aquaventure Waterpark and the lost chambers aquarium. You can walk through the avenues where you will be able to find the best brands having their stores, Atlantis souvenir shops, swimwear brands and also some restaurants like TBJ and Coldstone. The entrance to the Avenues is Free.

Ambassador Lagoon View

Actually, to see the Ambassador Lagoon there is a Free. The security will not allow you passing the lost chamber’s entrance as this leads into the center of the hotel. The tip I want to give here is telling the security confidently that you are going to have some food in the Poseidon café.

Most people are sent back away from the security as they do not know what is there in Atlantis and the exact locations. So once you head to the ambassador lagoon area you can find many restaurants there like Nobu. In case you want, you can sit at the Poseidon Café and just in front is the gigantic Ambassador lagoon where you can at times see the divers too. In case you are on a visit during the noon time just say that you are going to have lunch in the Kaleidoscope restaurant and no one can stop you.

Lost Chamber

Dress Code Tip

When you are planning such a free visit, remember that you are using a smart formula and this advice is given from a past team member of ATP. Dress in smart casual attire, not overdress and neither come like you are going to the beach as then you will be directed to the waterpark entrance.

Do not go in big groups. Families with kids have no issues as chances to skip the security are very high.

The Big Golden Chair

Many do not even know this exists. This is actually behind the Poseidon café. You can easily see it, but in case you couldn’t find it just ask the F&B staff over there to show you the Big Chair. There will be some official photographers who will offer you some paid photo packages but just thank them and you can sit on the chair while someone else can take pictures using your own camera. There are many guests so I am very much sure anyone will help you.

Golden Chair

How Can I enter the Atlantis Lobby?

A big challenge to go for free without a reservation! Let me guide you and you select the best option. The Dale Chihuly glass tower is a dream for many and standing at the lobby is mesmerizing. Most guests say to me it feels that I am a VVIP if I stand in the lobby.

  • Trick 1 – Kids Club Actually the avenues and Ambassador Lagoon is on the ground floor and the Lobby is on the first floor. If you are with kids here is the tip. Inform if the security stops you, that you are going to the Kids club for your kids to have fun. Once you enter the first floor via the grand stairs which are also another wonderful place for photographs, you will see the kids club. If you really have kids you can visit the kids club and say that you are interested in planning a B’day party and you just need to see the venue around. If you are lucky and the staff is not busy then you have the chance to see the Aqua Theater for free which is like the two eyes of a fish to the aquarium.

If you are not interested in the kids club, just slowly proceed to the lobby. Take photographs as you want, but do not disturb the guests over there who have already paid for their rooms or for a coffee over there. Just follow the instructions of the security if any chance they say anything to you likes to stay away from this chair or something else. You can sit in the lobby and take photographs for free this way.

  • Trick 2 – Business CentreIf you are really able to tackle a situation just ask the security where the business center is, as you need to send an email immediately. They will then guide you through. The Magic here is you need to pass the lobby to go to the business center.
  • Trick 3 – The Shuiqi Spa or Gentlemen’s Tonic Salon This you can give it a try, but depends on your personality as the security guards are well trained to judge anyone. No issues for ladies on this trick as you can easily say Spa. You can either use the main entrance to drive in or the avenues entrance. Just inform the security that you are visiting the Spa or if it is a guy you can say you are going to have a hair cut in the Gentleman’s tonic salon. At times depending on the security, they may ask for the reservation receipt if a guy alone chooses the Spa but Gentleman’s tonic is not a worry.
  • Trick 4 – Barrazura BarThis works at night time where you can inform the security that you are going to have a drink at the Barrazura bar. Remember don’t choose this option if you are with kids. This is almost next to the lobby so great chance for the free lobby visit.
  • Trick 5 – Saffron RestaurantThis is Open for dinner and Fridays for Brunch. Dress up in smart casuals if you are selecting this option. Confidently say to the security that you are going to the saffron restaurant for dinner or brunch. Basically, if you are coming with a lady and kids there is no issue at all.

NDulge Night Club

This is usually free every day. But please check over the phone on +971(0)4 426 2000 whether the club is open for the day. Most of the time couples and ladies enter for Free. Only on some days, they charge 100 AED for single men. So check when it is free for that week.

Nasimi Beach

Actually, if you call and inquire they will say that there is a minimum charge. But the truth is that there is no minimum charge. You can enter the Nasimi Beach, but kids will not be allowed and only above age 21 can access. This is a beach bar especially famous for beach parties and DJs. Most parties here are ladies free and during the day you can just gain free access and may be buying a small drink and have a sunbath, a volleyball game or a sea dip.

Wanna See Dolphins Play?

You cannot see dolphins in a closer view as Atlantis doesn’t offer dolphin shows whereas they only sell dolphin interactions. Use the parking entrance or the avenues entrance and say that you are going to the dolphin bay to make a reservation or that you have a booking.

Once you go there to the dolphin bay area, there is a small viewing area where you can see the guests interacting with the dolphins. If you have a good camera you can clearly focus them. You also have a dolphin booking center near the lobby so if you wanna see the lobby, then use this and just say you want to pay by cash and buy a dolphin bay voucher. A great idea to work out!

Atlantis Dolphins

During Christmas Seasons and Month of December after the 1st week

This is the best time to visit Atlantis for Free as there are many shops which will be setup for Christmas. You can find various things to buy from food to cakes and also you will find many activities for kids. So this time of the year the security gives leverage for kids and just ask them where the Christmas shop to buy stuff and they will itself guide you. Thus during this time, you can visit most locations of Atlantis for free.

The Royal Pool

This is the main pool of Atlantis which is only for in-house guests. If you want to swim in this for Free then book any Spa treatment like a massage and get free access to the Royal pool. Make sure you ask for the free access when you book or else you will not get it.

If you just want to see the Royal Pool just make a reservation on +971(0) 4 426 1166 in either the Shore or the Edge restaurants which are located next to the pool. The view is mind blowing here. It’s not expensive and honestly, if you are smart enough you can swim in the royal pool as no one will check you over here whether you are an outside guest or an in-house guest.

Atlantis Royal Pool

Zero Entry Pool

The best way to enjoy this is during Nasimi beach parties as during the summer, most parties are hosted as pool parties. So if you are visiting Dubai in summer, watch out for pool parties in Nasimi where the pool is free for you. Even during the day, they have parties in summer seasons.

Call the Concierge of ATP

Call +971(0) 4 426 2000 and check whether there are any Free day tours available during the season you visit. Atlantis does not offer day tours, but sometimes depending on the seasons a day or 2 is open for day tours. The cost is usually cheap and at times free too. But this is not guaranteed as it depends on the management decisions for the year.

Free Aquaventure Day Pass

You are entitled to a free day pass ticket to the Aquaventure waterpark on your birthday. So if you are planning a visit on your birthday then Atlantis welcomes you for free to make you feel special on your birthday. Please visit and register for your free pass. Please bring your passport on your day of the visit as your date of birth and identification will be verified.

Atlantis, The Palm is a great place to stay even for one night, as an in-house guest gets all these for free including the water park and the lost chambers with many other offers. This blog is basically done by me as I know many people want to visit into Atlantis for Free.

I have guided with the best ways for you to make use of it. The only advice I give you here is dress appropriately, choose the option wisely, act smart and be confident. The main reason security very strict is for guest’s safety and to make in-house guests feel special. But today from this blog Atlantis visit for you is free to get the best of it. Do not worry as you will never be penalized in Dubai hospitality neither in Atlantis. The Security Guards needs to respect you at all times.

Please enjoy Atlantis The Palm for free, use the tricks wisely and comment on your experience.

Carol Neilon

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