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Visit Burj Al Arab

In this blog let me handle in the best way to make the best Burj al Arab visit. It’s really not free but you can save a lot and make your dream come true.

Visit Burj al Arab for Free

In my other blog I had played tricks with Atlantis – The Palm, but in Burj al Arab the security is even stricter. They will never send anyone inside without a reservation been verified twice.

Best Option for Free from the Outside

The best option where you can see the Burj al Arab is from the Umm Suqeim beach. I call it as the secret Jumeirah beach where you will be very much closer to the best view of Burj al Arab. This is between Burj al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel. So make sure you opt to relax to the beach and get some memorable photographs.

Burj Al Arab

Meanwhile, you can walk in the Umm Suqeim road which leads to the Burj al Arab way. You will be only granted entry until the bridge which crosses to the Burj al Arab main exit. But that’s a great place to see some Rolls Royce and luxury cars

Other Options from the Sea

In case you book a boat tour or a yacht trip you have more chances of facing the Burj al Arab from the sea. This option is more of a Romantic feel and Burj al Arab is always special to see during the sunset.

Book a room at Jumeirah Beach Hotel or Madinat Jumeirah

Honestly, you should be very rich to stay overnight in Burj al Arab. This option is quite feasible. You can book a room in either Jumeirah beach hotel or the Madinat Jumeirah and get a free guided tour to the Burj al Arab.

The cost of the room is around 70% lesser than a Burj al Arab suite. You can enjoy luxury in a five star of the same Jumeirah property and make your goal of entering Burj al Arab a reality. Check with your concierge of the hotel of the times for the free guided tours as it is usually in the evenings where there is a shuttle to take you over to Burj al Arab.

Make sure you double confirm this option during the time of booking your room as during some seasons due to the occupancy of the hotel the visit tours might not take place.

Burj Al Arab & Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Best Deal to enter Burj Al Arab

This is the best option for many and quite reasonable. You can book either a restaurant to dine in the Burj al Arab and then you will get VIP welcome through the lobby to enter your restaurant. Most tourists book the Sky view bar at the top of the Burj al Arab usually for an afternoon tea which will cost around 650 AED, but really worth the food and the view. This way you can see around the Burj al Arab hotel with a unique experience which you can talk forever.

Call on 04 3017600 or email via to make a reservation as booking is mandatory. No walk-in guests are entertained in Burj al Arab.

Check out

Burj Al Arab Restaurant

Special Note

Dress code is a very big concern while entering Burj al Arab. Always make sure you go in smart casuals with closed shoes. In case the restaurant requires formal attire for dinner please adhere to it as I mainly find most guests sent back. The dress code is not substituted by any means in Burj al Arab.

So I hope this blog will help you select the best option and make sure to make your dream come true of visiting Burj al Arab for free or at the least cost possible. The photographs you take with over here and in Burj al Arab will surely cherish for a lifetime.

Carol Neilon

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