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What is AUH

What is AUH

At first if I ask this above question I may get many answers from many across the globe. Some may say it is something to do with Australia while some may say it may start with Aurora or Austria while the rest may ask whether it’s an American university.

Actually AUH belongs to Abu Dhabi. United Arab Emirates. This is the IATA airport code which defines Abu Dhabi International Airport. While Dubai airport goes as DXB, Abu Dhabi airport uses AUH as its Travel Code.

Some may ask why AUH and not any other codes like ABD or ABU. The answer is actually unknown as these are travel codes decided by an official body, but as per my understanding they wanted to differentiate Abu Dhabi Airport to be recognized in the travel itinerary quickly which made them use this unique code of AUH. Apart from this other relevant codes of abbreviations closer to the Abu Dhabi name is already allocated by other countries. Some travel experts and bloggers define AUH as Abu Dhabi Universal Hub where they carry a myth story that Abu Dhabi wanted their airport to be the meeting hub for the entire universe which is been proved today as a layover and transit destination in the top list of world airports.

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I think this AUH is a unique name which is today like a brand same as JFK and NYC. So I am sure now you know how to state Abu Dhabi in a short abbreviation form. You may find many blogs and articles which say AUH airport, so in case you encounter them you are now aware that they are relating it to the Abu Dhabi airport.

AUH is today very much famous in the travel world from websites to flight tickets and itineraries. AUH has gone so spreading at a higher rate than many other airports in the world as it is known now to be as a famous stopover destination.

Thus in future if you see AUH in someone’s itinerary or flight tickets or visas get to know that they are travelling to Abu Dhabi and not Australia or Austria. I would love to see photos of AUH words posted in my blog wherever you see it. Let us spread AUH as the trademark and the brand name of Abu Dhabi.

We love you AUH. I am travelling to AUH. Come join me in AUH.


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