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What Not To Do In Dubai

What Not To Do In Dubai

Indeed you must know the list of what not to do in Dubai before you plan your holidays. Dubai is clearly one of the most laid-back places in the world with many nationalities and cultures existing in the country. It is an open-minded country that welcomes all. However, what’s regarded appropriate in your motherland can be inappropriate or even illegal in Dubai. Just like the saying, “behave like Romans when you are in Rome”. There are a certain things you should avoid when you are a tourist in Dubai. Just follow the local rules and stick to basic guidelines to guarantee a safe and joyful vacation. Read on to find out 12 things that should not be done in Dubai

Drinking in Public

Dubai is one of the few Muslim countries that allow alcohol consumption. However, rules should be followed. Expats are allowed to drink alcohol at home provided they have a license. This license can be obtained online or in a wine store with the permission from your employer. Travelers can drink at licensed hotels, but going aboard can land you into some serious trouble. Dubai is serious on its drive on alcohol policy and doesn’t tolerate even a slight amount of Alcohol in your system. You could be even fined, imprisoned or deported. Alcohol is served after the sunset prayer, Maghrib, during the month of Ramadan.


It doesn’t require mentioning, but Dubai doesn’t waiver on its policy towards drug possession. Prescriptions are required as proof if you are planning on bringing any medications with you. Pot, for instance, is legal in other countries but is not allowed here. Plus, you need to pass a drug test or you can be jailed.

Be Careful who you photograph

Many tourists like to take pictures of natives in their local attire as a memento for the trip. But, be respectful of the local customs in Dubai before snapping a picture or two, especially of women, without any permission

Display of affection in public

Even a kiss on the cheek is considered indecent. So restrain from making-out in public to prevent jail-time.

Disrespecting Women

Dubai is generous on its respect towards women. Snide remarks, public flirting, teasing and even staring at women for too long are considered illegal

Beware of what you speak

Saying anything disrespectful against Islam is a punishable offense. Apart from that, swearing in public or using foul and vulgar language is very disrespectful.

Respectful clothing

Wearing bikinis outside the beach is not allowed. Transparent and tight clothes are best avoided in Dubai as they go against the cultural norms of the city.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so keep in mind the things that are best to be avoided in Dubai.

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