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What to Wear to a Dubai Desert Safari

What to Wear to a Dubai Desert Safari

Still excited about being in Dubai and trying to book a safari ? And wondering What to Wear to a Dubai Desert Safari? Most asked question by our safari guest. I thought of writing about it, Some of the best and most loved activities take place in the Dubai desert. Overnight desert dinner tours and dune bashing are two of the many desert tours we offer. The weather in Dubai is sunny and hot throughout the year. However, there are many seasonal fluctuations in the weather depending on heat, humidity levels and the occasional rain in the winter. The summer months between June and September are regarded as the hottest months throughout the year. At night, the temperature drops a few degrees.

Dubai desert safari tours provide many activities to do in the desert. Camel riding, dune bashing, quad biking, sand skiing, camping in Bedouin tents, dinner atop dunes and overnight stays are most of the things offered. The desert climate is mostly hot and dry with a lot of sunshine all year round. Temperature in the desert is a bit lower than that of the city and reduces by a few degrees at evening. However, during the summer months desert sandstorms can occur because of low pressure over the area.

We all like to travel comfortable and meager things like annoying shoelaces and itchy collars shouldn’t get in the way of a good safari. The best way to have a worry free trip is to dress right. Firstly, it is advised to wear comfortable and airy clothing in light colors as dark colors tend to absorb heat and make you feel hotter than it actually is. Secondly, modest clothing is a huge must in the Dubai city. But, since you will be in the company of other tourists and are in the outskirts of the city women are allowed spaghetti straps and shorts. Material like cotton and linen are most preferred to make you feel comfortable and cool. It’s best to come with less jewelry. Remember to bring along a hat or cap and a pair of sunglasses. If you easily burn or tan in the sun, slap on some sunscreen or bring it along. Since the desert sand is very light and you will be exposed to the desert sand a lot, its best advised to wear sandals, open shoes or flip flops rather than sneakers.
Now that you know what to wear for a comfortable desert safari, choose one of our many desert tours and have a blast in the desert.

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