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Where Does Dubai Get Its Water

Where Does Dubai Get Its Water

Water, the mere essence of life, is a component of most things we find on the face of the earth. It makes up 60% of our body, is the home for many creatures and is a litmus test for the possibility of life on other planets. According to certain research, humans can go only three days without water. If you had been paying close attention in your science class, you would know that deserts are barren and have little or no rainfall throughout the year. In simple, they don’t have much water. Dubai, although it has been awesomely modified into an energetic city, it did rise up from the desert. Before all its skyscrapers, most of Dubai was just brown, barren land. So from where does Dubai get its water?

First, let’s take a look at the facts. UAE, as a whole has one of the highest water consumption in the world. The consumption rate on a daily basis is 350 litres per person, 100 litres more than average. Dubai’s major supply of water, to be more specific 98.8 percent, comes from desalination plants that make seawater usable. The balance 1.2 percent comes from underground. Desalination takes place in the DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) plant. The water is used to cool the Aluminium smelters in Dubai Aluminium (Dubal) also situated in Jebel Ali- before sending it to the DEWA plant for desalination.. This way, two birds are hit with one stone. Water is desalinated and power is generated in one go by using natural gas or liquefied natural gas as the main fuel and diesel oil as a minor fuel. This desalinated water is then pumped through the pipes for domestic and commercial use.

The biggest question that pops up on many tourists minds, ‘Is tap water in Dubai safe for drinking?’ The Dubai municipality has labeled tap water “safe to drink”. There is an after taste though and just like everywhere else in the world, the taste of the water varies from one area to another. For instance, the water in Karama tastes different from that in Barsha. If you are a person who doesn’t mind the after taste then tap water is A ok for you. If you are the type that hates your mouth tasting a bit different then you can go for bottled water available in most of the shops and shopping malls or quench your thirst from the little taps inside offices and shopping malls which give free water. Now that you have found the answer to the question ‘where does Dubai get its water?’ you can travel to Dubai worry free. This ever-growing city has the capability of providing water for all its visitors.

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