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Where is Dubai located

Where is Dubai Located

No doubt, when it comes to Middle East region, it is Dubai that comes to your mind with few other names of famous Middle Eastern cities. And you always ask yourself where is Dubai located ? Though you have heard about Dubai for many times, do you really know where this city is exactly located? If the answer is ‘No’ then, this blog will find useful to improve your awareness about a leading business hub and vacation destination in the world.

Where Dubai is located

Middle Eastern region is the geographic area for 17 countries, bounded with Western Asia and Egypt. Among those countries belong to the Middle East; Dubai is situated in United Arab Emirates (UAE) which is a country that established a Federation by combining 7 adjoining Emirate states in 1971. Before that Dubai was a separate sheikhdom which was ruled by Al Maktoum family from early 19th century. Even today Dubai is ruled by the same royal family, though it is part of United Arab Emirates.

 Adjoining Cities and Borders of Dubai

Dubai is located bordering Abu Dhabi and Sharjah and Al Ain are the closest.  Abu Dhabi is the capital of United Arab Emirates and next to Dubai it is the most attractive city. Many tourists who visit Dubai always prefer visits to Abu Dhabi city since it is located near proximity. Other than Abu Dhabi, Sharjah also promotes tourism specially giving focus to exhibit culture and industries.  With the country, the other adjoining cities to Dubai are Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah & Fujairah. Since Oman border is located in driving distance to Dubai, you can drive to enter Oman if you have a valid visa in hand or if you are having passport where you can get an arrival visa to oman

Distance from Dubai to nearest cities & travel time

  • Dubai – Abu Dhabi : Nearly 160 KM (Approximately 2 Hours by bus / Private vehicle)
  • Dubai – Sharjah : Nearly 40 KM (Approximately 1.30 Hours by bus / 45 Minutes by Private vehicle)
  • Dubai – Ajman : Nearly 46 KM (Approximately 1 Hour by bus / Private vehicle)
  • Dubai- Ras Al Kaimah : Nearly 120 KM (Approximately 2-3 Hour by bus / 1.37 Hours Private vehicle)
  • Dubai – Fujairah : Nearly 163 KM (Approximately 3-4 Hour by bus / 3 Hours Private vehicle)
  • Dubai – Al Ain : Nearly 147 KM (Approximately 1.39  Hours by bus / Private vehicle)
  • Dubai – Oman entry border:  Nearly 550 KM (Approximately 10-12  Hours by bus / 6-8 Hours  by Private vehicle)
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