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Where is Global Village in Dubai

Where is Global Village in Dubai

Have you heard about the leading cultural and entertainment extravaganza Global Village in Dubai ? And wondered where is Global Village in Dubai? For those of you who don’t know what Global Village is, this blog is for you.

Also you can call and talk to global village call center  +97143624114

How to Get there 

By Bus – 10 AED (2.7 USD) per person

Service will start at 3.15pm till 11.15pm on October 5 with a headway of 30 minutes.

  • Route one (103) will start from Union Station. Then on to Baniyas Road, Rabat Street, Nad Al Hammar area, before driving on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road down to Global Village on Exit 37
  • Route tow (104) will start from Al Ghubaiba station and will pass through the Al Jafiliya Metro station, Zabeel Street, Dubai-Al Ain Road, before passing through Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road to reach to Global Village.

Texi  -AED 50-70 (14-20 USD)

Get into any texi any where in Abu Dhabi fare from Dubai mall to global village will cost you around 50 AED (14 USD)

Metro – Not recommended 

Since there is no direct metro connecting global village better to take a Texi or Bus

How it all started

You have to be living under a rock to not know about this awesome seasonal fair that gives its visitors a taste of different countries. Global Village began in 1996 with many stalls opposite the Dubai Municipality. It later moved near Wafi city and operated for 5 years. Now, it welcomes more than 5 million visitors and takes up an area of 1,600,000 square meters in Dubailand.

Reasons to visit Global Village

1. It is not just a fair

This is the biggest cultural extravaganza in the face of the Middle East Region. Offering shopping, entertainment, delicious cuisine and a selection of festivals, your feet will be aching but you will want to explore more.

2. A slice of the world

There are 31 pavilions representing around 70 countries. Each pavilion is customized to reflect the culture and the architecture of the country. Visitors can view cultural performances, taste authentic food and buy handicrafts that will remind you of the fun you had.

3. Everything under one roof

From hand-appliquéd quilts in the Egyptian pavilion and Coffee beans in the Ethiopian pavilion to Olive oil from the Palestinian pavilion to Honey from the Yemen pavilion, you will be going on an international shopping fest in the comfort of one place.

4. Unique Perspective

You can view global village from a different viewpoint by hopping aboard a traditional Abra that will take you through the central lake of the village allowing you to view the many pavilions and attractions from afar.

5. The Possibilities are endless

The things to do in Global village are numerous. Visitors of all ages will have a good time and can choose from many attractions. Let’s take a look at a few.

i. Take a look at the history of Dubai creatively recreated in The Heritage Village.
ii. Walk through the haunted maze in the 3D Haunted House for a gruesome scare.
iii. Admire various sand sculptures- from famous historical attractions to Disney characters- at Al Remal Pit.
iv. Admire the worldly architectures demonstrated using lantern art in the Illumination World.
v. View the ancient sea creatures in action with 3D demonstrations showing the habitat and habits of 200 million year old creatures in the Prehistoric Oceanarium.

You can also enjoy the cultural shows, streetmosphere performances and live concerts from around the globe. Where is Global Village. Since you are all excited about visiting Global Village, let me get to the part where I answer the question ‘Where is Global Village in Dubai’. This entertainment fiesta is located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (also known as E 311) through Exit 37 in Dubailand.

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